Chicken soup, Fish, Egg recipes for Baby

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Egg Recipes for Baby

Are you confused how you can introduce egg to babies? Doctors recommend giving only egg yolk to babies till the age of 1 year. Egg white can be introduce after 1 year.

Here are 5 recipes to introduce egg into your baby’s diet like egg yolk mash, scrambled egg yolk and more.


Chicken Soup for Baby

Chicken is highly nutritious and usually safe meat to introduce to babies. This is known to be non-allergic and is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.


250 gm Chicken pieces

Chopped mixed veggies – carrots, peas, green beans, capsicum

½ small onion –chopped fine

1 pod garlic – chopped fine

¼ tsp ginger – chopped fine

½ tsp Oil


Black pepper powder



1.Heat oil in a pressure cooker.

2.Sauté ginger and garlic in oil.

3.Add onion and sauté till transparent.

4.Add vegetables and chicken and sauté for a minute.

5.Add salt and pepper powder.

6.Close the lid and pressure-cook for 8-10 whistles, till chicken is cooked well.

7.Mash well and strain if you feel pieces are big for baby.

How to introduce Fish to baby

It is safe to give fish to baby now. But hold on sea fishes especially large fish like shark etc.


250 gm fresh Rohu – cut into pieces.





1.Clean and wash the fish well.

2.Marinate the fish with a little turmeric and salt.

3.Leave aside for 5 minutes.

4.Add it to pressure cooker.

5.Add water to cover fish well.

6.Cook for 1-2 whistles.

7.Remove bones from the flesh and give only flesh to baby.

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