Benefits of using Silver utensils for babies

Benefits of using Silver utensils for babies

I first received a set of silver bowls during my god bharai or Indian baby shower. At that time, I was given some kheer to eat from it and then I kept them and forgot about them.

When my daughter had her annaprashan, i.e. first time a baby is fed grains, she again received silver utensils, mainly bowls, spoon and glass as well as some brass and bronze utensils. I was also advised that these traditional utensils are good for babies.

Now, I did not use these exclusively and I bought BPA free bowls and spoons from renowned brands for feeding her. But, I also used silver bowls and glass for her and overtime ditched plastic utensils completely. Recently, we had this discussion in our sister Facebook group/ forum SW Mums and Kids about this topic and that prompted me to write this article. Can you believe that we are already 1100+ members strong community, which is buzzing with ideas.

Anyway, coming back to the use of silver utensils for babies, there are numerous benefits to them.


What are the benefits of using Silver utensils for Babies?


Silver is non-toxic

Silver cannot be oxidised into a toxic form the same way as mercury or some other heavy metals can.

Medical science has found that bacteria and other pathogens may develop immunity to antibiotics but they do not develop immunity to silver, thus silver utensils remains bacteria-free. It feels amazing when our age-old beliefs are vindicated by modern science too.

Silver kills bacteria and fungi and increases shelf-life of food

This is a long known fact that silver destroys bacteria, algae and fungi. In fact, water purification using silver is centuries old and its benefits have been listed in not just Indian texts but many ancient civilizations.

Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, wrote that silver has healing and anti-disease properties.

Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used silver to purify and preserve water.

In the seafaring days, sailors dropped silver coins into barrels of milk prolonging its keeping.


Many water filters available commercially use silver in their filtering elements.

Silver builds immunity in children

This is another age-old advice that was given by our grandmothers. There are even products like chyawanprash now, which claim to boost immunity as they include silver as an ingredient.

Silver utensils can be used forever

Silver utensils though expensive at the beginning, prove their value for money in the long run. Even good quality BPA free plasticware or silicone for babies is quite expensive and you must replace them every 6 months or so, while silver can be used forever.

How to clean silver utensils?

It is actually easier to clean silver utensils as compared to plastic baby utensils. With plastic utensils it is a must to wash, clean and sterilise them every time.

To clean silver utensils, you can wash them with your regular dish wash liquid and warm water. There is no need to sterilize them each time.

How to buy silver utensils for babies?

Even though my daughter received a few sets, they were not all fit for use.

Keep below points in mind when buying silver utensils for babies:

  • The spoons, bowls and glasses should have rounded edges, so baby does not get hurt while eating.
  • Choose silver bowls without any intricate carvings, as that makes it more difficult to clean. Take simple silver bowl without too much design. Same goes for spoons and glasses too.


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9 Replies to “Benefits of using Silver utensils for babies”

  1. Kiran says:

    Definitely works. Always used it for my kids and if u have noticed the food stays warm longer in silver that in steel.

  2. Hemangini says:

    Very true, even i use it 4 my 8 month old son

  3. Aarthie says:

    So true!! We use tooth paste to clean silver vessels, once in a while, which makes them look brand new

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Thank you, Aarthie! I too discovered tooth paste cleans silver vessels like new. Just apply non-gel tooth paste on silver vessels and rub with a soft cloth.
      I have heard tooth powder works too.

  4. pinal says:

    food left for some time in silver bowl becomes green. why it is so? is silver not of good quality ? it is heard that savoury food should not be given in silver, it tastes bitter. tometo mixed food can be given or not? what else should not be given in silver?

  5. Priti Rekha Boruah says:

    I also got a pair of silver bowl and spoon during my baby shower (gode bharai) . It was made of pure silver. But what if the utensils are silver plated in stainless steel? It has the same benefits or not?

  6. Uday Kulkarni says:

    My son Rutvij kulkarni had applied Patent for Silver bottom inside the SS Utensils . So we can get Silver benefits at very reasonable price .


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