Comforting a Teething Baby

Comforting a baby who is teething can be tricky. Your absolutely happy baby suddenly becomes finicky and cranky , does not want to feed , starts biting everything and keeps you awake at nights which reminds you of days when s/he was a newborn.

You can follow some of below to help relieve some discomfort :

Something to chew on

Baby likes something cold to bite on to ease inflammation during teething. You can give a water or gel teething ring. Put it in the fridge for sometime, however don’t freeze it. You can also offer a clean muslin cloth or a carrot stick. However, if baby has teeth, then don’t offer carrot as there is a danger of choking. Some parents also give their finger to baby to bite on. If you do so, ensure that the finger is clean. Read more on how to choose a teething ring for your baby.


 Teething rings are available filled with gel or water

Give something cold to eat/drink

You can give chilled fruit or yogurt/curd to soothe the pain. Baby may also like a bottle of cold water.

Keep baby dry

Keep wiping baby’s chin with a soft cloth if there is excessive drooling. You may find that baby’s chin may be red with rashes due to drooling. Do not wash the area excessively, be very gentle.

Lots of cuddling and love

Sometimes you will find that none of these work and the only way to soothe your bub will be to give lots and lots of love and hugs.

Ask the Doctor

If baby seems to be suffering too much, consult baby’s doctor. Doctor might prescribe some pain-reliever, if required. However, it is not advisable to use over-the -counter medication for baby.

Do not try to teach some new skill to baby while baby is teething. Be sensitive to her needs. If she wants to breast-feed often, let her do so, as breast-feeding provides not just nourishment but also comfort to baby.

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