15 Homemade Cerelac Recipes for Babies & Toddlers| Lunch & Dinner Baby Food

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When your baby reaches near that 6 month mark and you start introducing solids to your little one, cereals are what you rely on. Cereal for many first-time parents means, store-bought cerelac or Nan which have so much sugar that no wonder your baby wants nothing else.

So, we start with fruit purees and then vegetable purees and then we still need to give cereals, don’t we. Yes, you need to give cereal but there are enough homemade cereal options which you can offer to your baby. And don’t worry! Homemade does not necessarily mean it has to be time-consuming or complex. Baby food is simple and should require simple,basic ingredients to introduce them to your baby’s diet.

Today we share 15 ways in which you can give cereals to your baby.

15 homemade cereal recipes for babies

Homemade Rice cerelac/ Rice cereal for babies (6 months onwards)

Rice cerelac is one of the most popular first foods for babies across the world. Commercial rice cerelac however are either laden with sugar or sometimes cause constipation in babies. I feel making homemade cerelac to use when you don’t have lot of time is a much better option. Use this recipe to make your own rice cereal at home.

Homemade Khichdi cerelac for babies/ DAL rice cerelac ( 7 months)

Once your baby has graduated from plain rice cereal, you may make this dal rice cerelac or khichdi cerelac and keep it in an air-tight jar for making a quick meal for your baby whenever needed. This is also a travel-friendly recipe which you can measure and carry with you on journeys.

Moong Dal Vegetable khichdi

At home, this is the best and most nutritious food that you can offer to a baby and even to a toddler. It has dal, rice, vegetables and is a complete meal in itself. Puree/ mash it if you want to give it to a very small baby or simply give as is to a baby who is used to chewing.

Apple Suji Kheer/ semolina cereal/ cerelac for babies

This is one more simple cereal recipe, which can be made in a jiffy. Very popular with our readers and commended by thousands of mothers, this recipe is a fail-safe.

Suji Halwa

If you are really pressed for time and don’t have time for grating an apple, then make this simple suji halwa. It is very easy to digest and most babies enjoy it. It gets ready in about 5-10 minutes total.

3 Poha based baby food recipe – Peas poha, Carrot Poha, Dahi poha

Poha is another cereal which can be used to make baby food. Poha is basically beaten rice and is a traditional food in many parts of India. It doesn’t take long to cook and you can take your pick of the 3 recipes listed here to prepare variety for your little one.

Banana Suji Halwa

Another variation of suji halwa is this banana & suji porridge which is very nutritious and yummy at the same time.

Spinach Poha baby food

Spinach poha is another beaten rice based yummy recipe that takes a little cooking but can be prepared very quickly. This recipe used thick variety of poha/ beaten rice.

Atta Halwa

Atta or wholewheat flour is another great cereal to start with. This is a simple recipe to make atta porridge or halwa which does not have any added sugar.

Carrot, potato & Rice baby food

This carrot, potato and rice baby food is also very filling filling and wholesome just like the khichdi. You can make this for provide variety in your baby’s meal plan.

Oats porridge

Oats can also be a good addition to your baby’s meal plan once s/he is closer to one year mark. Here is a simple porridge recipe using oats which is a great option for breakfast too.

Poha & Dates Kheer

Try this simple poha kheer for your baby which has dates in it for sweetness.

Daliya Khichdi

This brown wheat or cracked wheat khichdi is a great meal option for toddlers.

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