75+ Finger food Ideas for Babies, Toddlers, Kids Indian

Finger Food for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Finger foods for 1 year old

Food ideas for 1 year old

Finger Foods for Babies, Toddlers

Finger Food for Babies, Toddlers and Kids -When your baby becomes a toddler, you notice many changes in her. One of them is refusal to sit in one place to eat meals. They are always on the go and they also want to assert their independence by controlling what they eat and how much they eat.

Finger foods work during this phase as they are easy for kids to pick up and eat themselves.

Parents are often at their wit’s end looking for food ideas for 1 year old and above and how to ensure children get wholesome nutrition. It is not as difficult as it appears and there are hundreds of options of finger foods. Here we present 75+ Finger food Ideas for Babies, Toddlers and Kids that you can offer to your children.

 Note: Even though, I have mentioned cut to pieces in most cases, please use your discretion in making pieces bite-size for your child to avoid risk of choking. 

Vegetables must be peeled, cooked soft and cut not small pieces.

Not all children are comfortable with everything. E.g. some children may eat chocos, for others it might be too hard, so again use your discretion.

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Fruits as Finger foods for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Finger Food for Babies

Banana slices

Grape halves

Apple slices

Guava wedges

Cut strawberries

Cubed mangoes

Papaya cubes

Musk melon cubes

Water melon cubes

Avocado cubes

Kiwi slices

Cubed plums

See 5 ways to include avocado in your child’s diet

Vegetables as Finger food for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Steamed carrot slices/ sticks

Steamed/ boiled green beans

Steamed/ par-boiled broccoli florets

Steamed/ boiled cauliflower florets

Boiled/ baked potato cubes sauteed in a little ghee/ butter

Baked Sweet potato fries

Baked Potato fries

Steamed babycorn

Boiled peas

Steamed pumpkin cubes

Cucumber  peeled and sliced/ cubed

Tomato wedges

Boiled corn

Sweet potato paranthas cut into pieces

Mini sweet potato pancakes

Bottle guard fritters

Steamed/ Boiled Broccoli florets

Roasted Zuchini

Steamed Babycorn

Dried Fruit/ Nuts as Finger food for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Finger Food for Babies


Cut dates

Cut figs

Cut apricots

Peanut butter on toast

Almond butter on crackers/ toast

Legumes as Finger food for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Boiled chickpeas/ chhole – half if you feel necessary

Boiled rajma – half if you feel necessary

Moong dal cheela cut into pieces

Addai dosa cut into pieces

Protein rich Finger food Babies, Toddlers, Kids


Finger Food for Babies, toddlers and kids

Paneer sticks

Paneer tikka cubes

Tofu sticks

Soya cutlets

Cheese sticks

Non-vegetarian Protein rich finger foods for toddlers

Boiled egg wedges

Chicken nuggets

Chicken fingers

Fish fingers

Cooked boneless chicken pieces

Cooked boneless fish pieces

Eggy Veggies Fingers

Spanish omellete cut into slices

Grains as Finger food for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Finger Food for Babies

Ghee Chapati cut into bite sizes

Star paranthas

French toast fingers

Banana Pancakes cut into pieces/ mini pancakes

Boiled pasta spirals/ farfelle/ penne/ macaroni

Mini idlis

Idlis cut into quarters

Mini besan chillas

Mini ragi cheela/ dosa

Mini beetroot paranthas

Ragi idli cut into pieces

Oats cookies


Mini Chocolate pancake or cut into pieces

Mini Moong dal cheela / Big cheela cut into bite sized pieces

Sandwich pieces

Butter toast cut into bite-size pieces

Coin Methi paratha- Roll paratha and cut into small circles using a cookie cutter or a small katori

Palak parantha cut into bit-sized pieces

Carrot paranta cut into bite sized pieces

Cereal  as Finger food for Babies, Toddlers, Kid

Finger Food for Babies

Honey loops cereal



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