6 Home Remedies to ease teething pain

Watching your baby grow & reaching new milestones makes every parent elated especially because you have eagerly waited for it. However, there are some milestones dreaded by most mothers, one of them being the teething blues. Just like any other parent, I too was going through stress from the thoughts of how my son Aarav would suffer from the symptoms of teething.

Since my husband is a dentist, the scene was a little different in our house. Once my son Aarav turned five months old, my hubby had been physically checking his mouth to see if Aarav had started teething. To make things worse my dear husband has a little competitive nature because of which he would often ask people he works with or other parents he met at parks about the age their children had stared teething. He would come home & tell me he met a baby who stared teething as early as four & half months of age while our son showed no signs of teething till he was 10 months old. It seemed like as a dentist it was his most important goal in life to see Aarav’s teeth!

My mom would often tease my husband by saying that Aarav’s teeth are scared of his father & planning to stay inside the gums to avoid all the painful dental experience in future. We actually went out celebrating when my husband noticed a small lower front tooth appear in my son’s mouth.

Soon after I realised the change is Aarav’s behaviour which was definitely not for the good.

His sleep pattern had changed which took months of hard work to settle in.

He would be fussy, cranky & clingy most of the time.

He would refuse to play with his favourite light & sound interactive lion.

Taking him out to a park or for a drive would no longer be fun.

He went two days without eating anything & only drinking milk from a bottle.

He also had a little running nose & loosies which seem to add to my list of problems.

As a mom, I panicked & called the paediatrician who assured me this is normal & symptoms can last for 2-3 weeks. He advised me to give one syrup to avoid dehydration & a regular dose of vitamin D3.


Home remedies for teething pain


Here are some home remedies you can use to soothe the pain while your baby is teething:

1) My grand mom suggested a home remedy to take a small quantity of honey & rub it on the baby gums 1-2 times a day which seemed to help it a lot.

2) You can give sterilised teethers & try to distract the baby with toys so he/she would temporarily forget about the soreness. Read more on how to choose a good teether for baby

3) You could also give a homeopathic medicine called calcaria phos which helps in indigestion & teething. Disclaimer: Please consult a qualified homeopathic doctor before trying any medicine.

4) Refrigerated & peeled vegetables like carrots and cucumber can also be used to give a teething baby. However you will have to be careful the baby does not bite big chunks of the vegetable & try to swallow it and then choke on it.

5) A clean moist refrigerated (not frozen) washcloth can also give temporarily relief from the pain.

6) You could also use a frozen baby bottle filled with milk or juice upside down to give the baby to gnaw on.

Luckily the worst was over in a about week to ten days & with those pearly whites sticking out of my son’s gums Mr dentist seemed like the proudest daddy in the world!

Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor if you can give honey to your baby if he/she is less than a year old.


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This post has been contributed by Aanchal Goel. She is an interior designer by profession and comes from a family of doctors. She is mum to an adorable 1 year old.



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