How to Make Gond ke Laddu?

Dear Ma,

I have heard from a friend that having gond ke laddu is good after delivery. Can you tell me why it is good and how to make them ?



Dear Sumita,

It is true that gond ke laddu have been given to new mothers and young children from long long time especially in north India. Gond is a kind of edible resin and is available in supermarkets as gum resin. It looks like lightweight, transparent crystals and are roasted in ghee before use.

These laddoos are very good during winters and can be kept for many days in airtight container. Since it has lots of dry-fruits & nuts, it is very good for new mothers and children. It provides instant energy and is great for hunger pangs new mothers experience especially if breastfeeding. These however should not be given to pregnant women, as these increase heat in body.

We have given the recipe for Gond ke Laddu in Recipe Corner.

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