Infant Reflux / Gas

Q. Dear ma,

My baby is 3months old.. he seems to be suffering from acid reflux.. as he is gaining weight normally doctors have dismissed the problem. But he struggles to sleep, and cries after feeding.. I am breastfeeding him exclusively. Please let me know if there is some solution to this..



Dear Samyuktha,

We can understand your concern. How did you reach the conclusion that your baby has acid reflux ?

Do read more about Acid Reflux in babies.

If he is able to keep the feed down and is gaining well, there may not be much to worry. Sometimes babies cry during feeding due to fast letdown of milk. If it is so, try expressing some milk before your baby latches on. Let your baby empty one breast completely before switching to the other.

Also, try to keep baby upright for sometime after feed and do not allow much playing for 20-30 minutes.

Dress baby is loose comfortable, cotton clothes which do not put any pressure on his/her tummy.

Babies also cry because of gas. Make sure you burp between feeding and after feeding.

You can also see if there is something in your diet which may not be agreeing with baby. Try to avoid the culprit if you can figure out.

You can also try having ajwain or saunf water, which is known to help with gas in babies. Remember, it is for you and not for baby. Most of such problems go away as the baby grows up.

If you are not satisfied or are too concerned about this, do not hesitate taking a second opinion from another paediatrician.

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