Food to give to baby,toddler during Diarrhoea/ Loose motions & Vomiting

What food can you give to child when s/he has loose motions?

What to feed when baby is sick?

One of the most common queries that we get is what food can be given to babies, toddlers and kids when they are sick. It is heart-breaking see your little one suffering and refusing food. You also want the child’s appetite to return, but one has to remember that it is normal for children to lose appetite when they are sick.That prompted us to come up with this comprehensive guide post to list what food can be given to babies, toddlers and kids when they are sick and the food that will help in their recovery.

We will categorise the safe food options ailment-wise and age-wise too.

Food to give to babies when they unwell


Breastmilk is the best remedy for babies whenever they are sick. Not only does it provide the fluids that their tiny bodies need to recover, but it also provides antibodies passed from mother’s body to help fight the infection.

The way it works is that when baby nurses, she passes some of the antigens from saliva into mother’s body through breasts. This causes mother’s immune system to produce antibodies to fight that infection, which are passed to baby’s body with breastmilk. This helps their little bodies to fight the infection and recover faster.


Food to give to baby,toddler during Diarrhoea/ Loose motions & Vomiting 

Food to give to toddlers, kids when they have Loose motion/ Diarrhoea

When your kids have loose motions, they do not want to eat much and you do not want to give anything that might make their condition worse. 

What food to give to a child suffering from loose motions

When a child is suffering from diarrhoea/ loose motions, you want to give food that is rich in starch and which can help in binding the stools. The food that you offer should:

  • be easy to digest
  • replenish fluids in body that are getting lost through loose motions.
  • Can replenish the lost electrolytes



Dal ka paani – dal ka pani is great for replenishing lost fluids from the body. 

Overcooked white rice – do not use brown rice as it has more fibre than white rice which will make the condition worse.

Arrowroot powder porridge – Dissolve some arrowroot powder in water and cook for a few minutes with a tiny amount of salt and sugar.

Khichdi – Khichdi is always the best food to go for when your child are sick.

Curd rice – Curd helps in digestion as it boosts the good bacteria in the gut. Do not put any tempering into the curd rice while your child is unwell.

Buttermilk – Butter milk also provides good bacteria and rehydrates body.

Applesauce – For very young children, apple sauce is recommended as it helps in binding the stools.

Vegetable soup/ broth – You may make this soup and then strain it as you do not want to give too much starch. This soup will help in rehydration.

Banana – Banana too is rich in iron and potassium and helps in controlling diarrohea by replenishing these minerals.

Pomegranate juice – Some people suggest pomegranate juice during loose motions too.

White bread/ Toast – Again, you much prefer white bread in these case and not brown bread as white bread has more starch.

Sabudana kheer/ porridge – Sabudana or sago is also very rich in starch and helps in digestion as well as growth of good bacteria in the intestines to help recovery from loose motions.

Idlis – Idlis are a great recovery food and also tick all the checkmarks when you want a food to help your child recover from diarrhoea.

Oral Rehydration Solution – And to rehydrate, you give the ORS at regular intervals.


What not to give

  • Dairy as kid might develop temporary lactose intolerance. Curd however is good as it is easier to digest and the amount of lactose is much less.
  • Cauliflower, broccoli,beans, peas, chickpeas and other green leafy vegetables which may cause gas and may aggravate condition.
  • Fried foods and any food that is rich in fats or sugar. Do not give chocolates or candies at this time.
  • Foods rich in fibre like brown rice brown bread, raw salads are difficult to digest and hence they should be avoided till your child recovers.


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