Food to give to toddlers, kids when they are vomiting

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Food to give to toddlers, kids when they are vomiting

Just like diarrhoea, vomiting also leaves children feeling weak and dehydrated. Vomiting could be due to only an upset stomach or it could also be a symptom of something more serious. If your child is vomiting continuously and you feel it could be something serious, then you must consult a doctor.

If you, however feel you child can be treated at home, then you much give baby things which will help in rehydration of the lost fluids through vomiting.


What to give when child is vomiting

Oral Rehydration Solution – Get a paediatric ORS solution to rehydrate. Give a few sips of the ORS at regular intervals.

Give water – If your child is not vomiting, then just give water and nothing else for as long as possible. Most probably your child will not be wanting to have anything solid and you should not force the same.

Sweetlime/ Mosambi juice – when your child is a little better, you may give freshly squeezed sweetlime/ mosambi juice. It is known to control nausea and vomiting. I also replenishes most fluids and minerals in body. Do not give packaged juices though.

Plain toast – When you child wants to have something solid, you may give plain toast with a little butter in needed.

Plain rice – Overcooked, starchy rice is good for upset stomach and is easy to digest.

Moong Dal ka pani – Moong dal is easiest to digest and thus can be given to child when child has loose motions or vomiting.

Moong Dal and Rice Khichdi – As always, once you kid is on the way to recovery, you can give well cooked khichdi. Khichdi is wholesome and is easy to digest.

Plain idli – Plain idli can help the stomach settle down as it is easy to digest and is also fermented which aids the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Banana – Banana is good to have when your child has been vomiting. It gives quick energy and is is digested easily.

AppleSauce – Applesauce can also be given at this point

Light chicken or vegetable stock –  Only give the stock and no chicken or vegetables to help rehydration and also give a little energy.

What not to give when child is vomiting

Packaged juice

Fatty/Fried foods

Any food which is difficult to digest


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