Importance of Breakfast for a Good Start to the Day


My daughter gets up in the morning around 6:45 am and has to catch her school bus at 7:40 am. The reason I wake her up almost an hour before bus time is because I want her to have a proper morning routine. Being a first grader, she also needs to be reminded every now and then to finish brushing or freshen up fast.

I keep aside full 15 minutes for breakfast time, as I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While growing up, my mother never allowed us to leave home without breakfast however early we might have had to leave. The same habit continues with me and I never allow my daughter to leave for school without breakfast or on just a glass of milk.

Importance of Breakfast for a Good Start to the Day

Benefits of a good breakfast

  • There is a long gap after dinner and breakfast provides energy we need to start our day.
  • It has been proven by research that children who have breakfast regularly perform better at school.
  • Breakfast also provides energy in the form of glucose to the brain. Many studies have shown how eating breakfast regularly can improve memory and concentration levels
  • Children who have breakfast regularly are less likely to develop obesity and other weight-related disorders.

It is important to start the day with a balanced breakfast. A balanced breakfast should consist of foods from at least three essential food groups e.g. one serve of whole grain group, once serve of dairy (milk/curds) or lean protein group and one serve of fruit or vegetable group. I would prefer something that is quick to prepare and consume.

My go-to-breakfast options for my daughter are:

  • Egg and toast with milk
  • Vegetable sandwiches
  • Poha or upma
  • Milk with strawberry cornflakes from Kellogg’s along with some fruit.

Since she has a filling breakfast every day, most of the times I am not worried about her having her morning snack.

Breakfast is essential not only for children but for everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to ignore it and skip it.

My husband had this really bad habit of skipping breakfast when we were newly-married. He would most often get up at the last moment, get ready, have a glass of juice and rush off. His excuse was that he doesn’t feel hungry in the mornings and breakfast takes a lot of time.

Now of course, he does not leave home without breakfast, but he still wants it to be simple and quick.

We often opt for breakfast options like cornflakes, muesli, poha or dosa chutney.

I find cornflakes or muesli to be perfect for someone like him because it is quick to prepare and he can also do it himself in no time giving him no excuse that he has with other breakfast foods. Kellogg’s has cereals made with whole grain. Adding a fruit like a small banana or an apple to it along with milk sets you up to start your day.

One more reason why I like oatmeal and muesli is that we often skip having milk as we grow up but having it with cereal makes it easy to have. Having a glass of milk every day is a must especially for women to contribute to their calcium requirements and having a bowl of oatmeal in the morning takes care of it.

This national nutrition month, #Breakthehabit of skipping breakfast. Share this post with your friends to tend to skip breakfast.

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  1. Shruti says:

    Yup. With kids especially breakfast needs to be wholesome. No one can function at 100% with an empty stomach. Good points ?

  2. smitha kalluraya says:

    Completely agree .. bfast is an important meal and should be never skipped

  3. Ambica Jain says:

    Yes, First meal is very important should be healthy


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