Diarrhea/Loose motion in Babies, Toddlers, Kids -Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

How to treat loose stools in baby?

Diarrhoea/loose motion in babies,toddlers, kids

What to do when baby has dysentery?

What food to give baby in case of loose stools?

Toddlers diarrhea

How to stop diarrhea in kids fast


What is diarrhoea/dysentery/ loose motion in babies?

Diarrhea or loose motion is defined as watery, runny stools at frequent intervals. It is also commonly known as loose motion or loose stools. Diarrhoea in babies can be dehydrating and can lead to serious complication if not controlled on time.

How to know if baby has diarrohea/ loose motions ?

Diarrhea is unusual in breastfed babies, since breastmilk is almost fully digested and is in fact full of antibodies that destroys any kind of microbes. Breastfed babies’ bowel movements are anyways soft and should not be confused with diarrhoea unless it is smelly or has mucus . But it can happen formula-fed babies or once baby has started eating solid food. Important thing is to keep an eye open for any sudden changes in baby’s regular bowel movement patterns.

Common symptoms of Diarrohea/ Loose motions in Babies, Kids

  • Runny, watery stools 
  • Frequent stools -more than 3-4 times a day
  • May contain mucus or blood
  • Sometimes vomiting may also be there
  • Color of stool may be green or blackish

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Diarrhoea/ Loose motion in babies: symptoms, treatment & prevention
Diarrhoea/ Loose motions in Babies: symptoms, treatment

Cause of Diarrohea/ Loose motions in Babies, Kids


There can be many cause of diarrohea or loose motions :

Infection : Gastrointestinal infection often caused by virus or bacteria. Viral infection like rotavirus can cause diarrhoea. Bacteria like salmonella, staphylococcus or E.coli can cause diarrohea.

Some food item : Baby may be sensitive to a new food introduced recently. If this happens, discontinue that item immediately.

Too much Fruit or juice : Too much of fruits or juice which are natural laxatives like papaya, apple juice or pear juice may also cause loose motions.

Teething : Some parents believe that their babies suffer from loose motions when they are teething.

Proximity to Pets : Pets can also sometimes carry bacteria which could cause diarrhoea in babies and kids.

Use of common facilities like swimming pool can also sometimes cause stomach infection in kids


How long does diarrhea in kids continue

Loose motions can go on anywhere between few hours to few days. Babies/ kids recover fast if they are given correct treatment early.

A child’s body consists of millions of good and bad microbes. Good Microbes i.e the probiotics are extremely important for smooth functions of digestion and metabolism. At times of infections, the percentage of bad microbes gets rapidly increased and harms good bacteria rapidly reducing its percentage. This increase of bad bacteria leads to diarrhea. In Diarrhea the child suffers from frequent passage of watery stools, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, weakness, fever and more.


Treatment/home remedies for vomiting and diarrhea in babies

Diarrhoea or loose motion in babies is not usually serious, but it can become serious if baby gets dehydrated.

  • Do not give any over-the-counter drugs to baby without consulting the doctor.
  • Breastfeed frequently
  • Doctor may advise rehydration fluid and may ask to boost breastmilk or formula intake to replace lost fluids.
  • Keep an eye on baby’s urine output to ensure baby does not get dehydrated.


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Treatment for diarrhoea/loose motion in kids

How to stop diarrhea in kids fast

Diarrhoea or loose motion in kids could lead to dehydration and it is important that kid should be given oral rehydration solution at regular intervals to keep water levels in body to optimum.

Always keep a probiotic handy at home for problems like diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, antibiotic associated diarrhea, traveler’s diarrhea, depression and other conditions

Econorm consists of millions of good microbes that help to restore the percentage of good microbes in the child’s gut. This increase in percentage of good microbes helps to normalize the gastrointestinal tract, balance metabolism, strengthen immunity and increase weight lost during diarrheal episodes.

Econorm helps to reduce diarrhea and helps in stool consistency right from second day.

Econorm also guards the child from future diarrhea episodes for the next 2 months.


  • Econorm needs to be given two sachets for 5 days. Econorm can be given directly by opening the sachet and by mixing in liquids and solids food.
  • Econorm should not be heated/cooled after or before adding, to be consumed at normal room temperature.
  • Econorm is available in yummy tutti-fruity flavor loved by children.

Diarrhea is non-serious if treated at the onset. Keeping Econorm Handy at home and during travel helps in early and natural recovery. This minimizes the excess and heavy cost of diapers and gives a health benefit for the child. Econorm is available in small size sachets, simple and  easy to carry in diaper bags, purse, pockets even in a fathers wallet.


Home remedies to treat diarrhea/ loose motion in kids

Home remedies for vomiting and diarrhea in babies, kids

  • Homemade yogurt/ curd is best remedy for diarrhoea as it contains probiotic bacteria which help in healing of the gut.
  • Curd rice
  • Roasted fenugreek seeds(methi dana) powder with curd
  • Roasted cumin seeds powder with curd
  • Yogurt with banana
  • Pomegranate juice can also help in treatment of loose motion in kids


Food to give to baby when child has diarrhoea/ loose motion

When your child has loose motion, you should give food that is rich in starch and helps in binding stools. Some good options are:

  • Well-cooked rice with starch
  • Dal khichdi – plain khichdi with dal and rice is great
  • Sabudana/ sago porridge
  • Bread/ toast
  • Arrow root porridge
  • Curd rice
  • Mashed banana with curd
  • Applesauce

Complications of diarrhoea/ loose motion in babies

Diarrhoea in babies may cause diaper rash due to repeated washing of nappy area and irritating bowel movements.

Dehydration is dangerous and it is important to replace fluids baby looses through motions.

Prevention of diarrhoea/ loose motion in babies, Kids

It is possible to reduce risks of baby contracting diarrhoea by following below :

  • Ensure clean prepartion of baby’s food.
  • Baby’s bottles and utensils must be cleaned well.
  • Wash hands well before feeding baby.
  • Wash hands well after changing baby’s diapers.
  • Wash baby’s hands well once baby starts self-feeding.
  • Clean baby’s toys like soft toys etc regularly to ensure bacteria do not grow on those.
  • Do not allow baby to drink too much juice. Always dilute juice with 3 times water before giving to baby.


When to call the doctor?

One or two loose motions are no cause of worry and usually correct by itself, but you must contact baby’s doctor if :

  • Baby has watery, loose motions for more than a day.
  • Baby is vomiting many times.
  • You notice blood in baby’s stool.
  • If you notice baby’s poop to be black.
  • Baby has high fever more than 102 degrees.
  • Baby shows signs of dehydration like less urine output.


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