Weight and Height Chart for Girls from 2 – 12 Years

One of the things that bother parents and specially mothers is to see if their kids are growing up properly when they are babies. We shared our height and weight chart for babies from 0 to 2 years. The same continues even after kids have reached toddler stage and even later specially if the kid is on skinnier side.

Growth chart for Babies (0-24 months)

Here we share the average height and weight chart for girls between the age of 2 years and 12 years, i.e. after toddlerhood till they reach puberty. This the age when girls grow at the highest rate and their growth in height becomes less after they hit puberty.

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Weight and Height Chart for Girls from 2 – 12 Years

The two columns in these tables are the range between which children’s height and weight varies and the average height and weight at the age.

Points to keep in mind when reading these charts

  • These are only ranges of weight and height based on widely available data, but that does not mean a kid outside these ranges is not healthy. If you are concerned, then you must consult a doctor
  • Height has a lot to do with heredity and if parents or other people in family are tall or short, then that can show in child’s height too.
  • Girls usually have growth spurts around 8 years and 10 years, where they seem to have grown overnight.
  • There may be factors that affect growth, ranging from malnutrition to some medication.
  • There are many factors that lead to good growth, like healthy nutrition, balanced diet, enough sleep and physical activity.

Average Weight chart for girls aged 2-12 years

Ranges betweenAverage Weight
2 Years8.9 – 14.1 kg12.0 kg
3 Years11.1 – 17.6 kg14.2 kg
4 Years11.8 – 21.2 kg15.4 kg
5 Years12.2 – 25 kg17.9 kg
6 Years13.6 – 28.8 kg19.9 kg
7 Years15.1 – 33.1 kg22.4 kg
8 Years16.8 – 37.8 kg25.8 kg
9 Years18.4 – 43.1 kg28.1 kg
10 Years20.6 – 49.1 kg31.5 kg
11 Years23.4 – 55.4 kg36.9 kg
12 Years26.2-61.8 kg41.5 kg

Below is the ranges of height among the girls of this age. As mentioned earlier these are just broad ranges and a child who is outside these ranges can still be completely healthy. Please consult the doctor in case you have any concerns about your child’s height and growth.

Average Height  Chart for girls aged 2-12 years

Ranges betweenAverage Height
2 Years81 – 92 cm85.5 cm
3 Years87- 102 cm94 cm
4 Years93.5 – 110 cm100.3 cm
5 Years98- 119 cm107.9 cm
6 Years102.5 – 125 cm115.5 cm
7 Years109 -132 cm121.1 cm
8 Years114- 138.5 cm128.2 cm
9 Years119.5 – 145 cm133.3 cm
10 Years125- 151 cm138.5 cm
11 Years130.2 – 157.5144 cm
12 Years136 – 162 cm149.8 cm

To grow well, children need the right kind of nutrition and ample exercise. Some of the things we can do to ensure good growth in our kids are:

  • Balanced diet
    – Keep serving good wholesome foods to kids and keep them away from packaged foods as much as possible. Junk foods do not provide the sufficient amounts of nutrients needed for growing bodies of kids and can lead to malnutrition. Too much carbohydrates and fats in packaged foods can also lead to obesity as well as may put them at risk of many lifestyle diseases in future.
  • Physical exercise
    – We must ensure that kids get at least 60- 90 minutes of exercise in some form every day. It can be free play, cycling or some kind of sport.
  • Enough sleep
    Growth hormone is normally released during sleep, so it is known that regularly taking less sleep can affect a child’s growth. A child needs 9-12 hours of sleep during this phase.

If you have concerns about your child’s growth pattern, contact their paediatrician and discuss your concerns with them. they may be able to guide you in the right direction.

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