Unique Indian Baby Girl names starting with letter ‘C’ and ‘Ch’

Your daughter is a gift of God bestowed upon you. Her name is the first gift from you to her, so every parent wants to make sure that it is special. Many parents look for names while baby is still to be born, while many wait for the letter to be told by the priest so that they can choose one according to baby’s star sign. If you are on the lookout for girl names that exude elegance, you’ve come to the right place. Below is the list of Indian names for girls starting with ‘C’ or ‘Ch’.

Unique Indian Baby Girl names starting with letter ‘C’ and ‘Ch’

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CauveryRiver name
ChaitaliBlessed with a good memory.
ChaitraliBorn in the month of Chaitra
ChampaA white fragrant flower
ChanchalRestless, Moving, Not still
ChanchalaSwift, full of movement
ChandanaSandalwood, auspicious, moonlight
ChandrajaDaughter of the Moon
ChandrakantaMoonstone, Moonlover
Chandralekha Ray of moon
ChandraniWife of moon
ChandrikaMoon rays
ChandrimaMoonlit Night
ChansyKnowledge, Leadership
ChapalaSwift, Clever, Restless
CharitaWith pleasant character
CharuBeautiful, Pretty
CharulataBeautiful Creeper
CharumatiIntelligent, Wise, Beautiful lady
CharviBeautiful girl
ChestaTry, Effort
ChetnaIntellect, Alertness
ChitrakshiColorful eyes
ChintrangadaArjun’s wife’s name


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