Top 5 posts for New Mommies

ShishuWorld has been in existence for almost three years now and our readers have given us endless love and encouragement. We too have tried our best to bring lots of relevant information to help new and  not-so-new parents. It was difficult, but here we have the top posts that have helped millions of parents across the world.

Food Chart for babies

This is our most read, most loved post which has been helping new mommies to introduce solids to their babies. Right from what to introduce when, what to avoid, how much to give, you have all the info at your tips.



Weekly Meal Planner for 6- 12 months old

These weekly meal planners starting from 6 months to 12 months help you plan your baby’s meals without having to rack your brains about what to cook for your little connoisseur. Since you are serving a wide variety of food items, it is also more likely that your child will grow up to be a non-fussy eater. The items suggested move gradually from purees and mash to regular table food.

Meal plans for 6-12 months


Recipe Corner

Hundreds of recipes for babies who have just started solids (7-9 months) and little older ones(10-12 months) and then for toddlers and young children. Finger foods, travel foods, healthy dessertsrodrinksrolunchbox recipes, we have them all.

Ask Ma – Home Remedies

Age-old home remedies which have been relied upon for generations. Whether it is cold and cough which our little ones have to fight with every season change or use of mustard pillows or home remedies for reflex or making those gond ke laddu which your ma and nani talked about, you can get  whole lot of information here.

Vaccination/ Immunization

From immunization chart to benefits, side-effects and focus on vaccines like DTP, MMR , we have your queries answered.

Now one more post as BONUS:

Household stuff to make inexpensive toys for your children

This is one of my favorite posts. Use regular stuff from around the house and make them into toys for your child.




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