Choking Risks in Toddlers/ Dangerous items which can cause choking in kids

A toddler is way more competent eater when compared to a baby, but there are still certain items which should be off limits as they can pose choking risks.

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Large chunks of food

Even though your tot is capable of handling most food and there is no need to puree food, large chunks of food must still be avoided. Large pieces of fruits like melon can also be risky. Always cut fruits into small kid bite-size pieces. Food should still be cooked well and mashed a bit to make it easier for eating and avoid choking.

Fruits like grapes, berries etc.

Grapes and berries must not be served whole. These should be de-seeded if needed and cut into halves or quarters.


Hard raw vegetables

Vegetables likes carrots etc should either be cooked and given or they can be served finely grated.

Candies & toffees

It is always best to delay the introduction of sweets as long as possible. Hard candies and toffees can post choking hazard. Lollipops can also be risky if your kid manages to lick it off the stick.


Large Chunks of Non-vegetarian food

 Non-veg items like chicken or meat should be de-boned well and shredded or chopped up fine.


Nuts are hard and can post choking risk. Serve nuts powdered or chopped fine. Read more on how to add nuts to your toddlers diet.

Other than food items, there are plenty of things around house which can be potential choking hazards. Now that your baby is mobile and eager to explore things on her own, you must be extra-careful.


Ensure you do not leave coins at a location within reach of your child.

Pulses/ legumes

Dried  Chickpeas and beans can get choked in your baby’s throat.



Remove any marbles from your tot’s reach.

Toys with small parts

Follow maker’s instructions when buying toys for your child. Small parts of toys pose choking hazard.

No eating in the car

There is a heightened risk of choking in kids eating in a moving car. If your tot is hungry, let her eat and then move again.

Eat while sitting

Do not allow your child to eat while on the move.

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