Indian Baby Food Chart, Infant Feeding Guidelines Chart (0-12 months) with 50+ recipes

Food chart for babies 

Age-by-age month-wise guide to feeding babies/ Indian Baby food Chart

 This age-by-age month-wise Indian baby food chart will help you in deciding what to feed your baby at what age during the precarious first year. These are only rough guidelines to help you. Do not stress upon feeding your baby only what and how much is mentioned here. Every baby is different and if your baby wants to have something more or less, follow baby’s lead.

Food Chart for Babies


You can also have a look at our monthly meal plans on detailed directions for how to introduce solid foods to baby from 6 months to 2 years.

Month-wise meal plans/ diet charts for infants/ Baby food chart month by month

Read more on Nutrition For Toddlers and Sample diet plans for toddlers

If you feel that your baby/ toddler is not gaining enough weight. See our tips on diet for underweight baby/ toddlers


If you have any doubts regarding your baby’s diet or health, always discuss it with baby’s doctor. Let us have a look at how and what to feed you infant.

First 4 months/ 5 month old baby food chart

What to feed:

How much : Depends on baby :

  • Every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours during night.

What Not to Feed : Anything other than breastmilk or formula

Resist the temptation or pressure created by advice from people around you. You will receive many well-meaning advices regarding starting dal pani or fruit juices or even water. But, do not give in and do not start solids till baby is close to 6 months and then start solids only with the doctor’s recommendation.

If at all you have to start solids before 6 months, ensure that your baby is atleast close to 6 months old and start with simple one ingredient food items like rice cereal and dal ka pani.

Read more on what foods to avoid during first year

 P.S. Breast milk is digested much better and far more quickly than formula. Hence, it can be seen that breast fed babies feed more frequently than formula fed babies.


4-6 Months

6-8 Months

8-10 Months

10-12 Months


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47 Responses to “Indian Baby Food Chart, Infant Feeding Guidelines Chart (0-12 months) with 50+ recipes”

  1. Hema latha

    This is very helpful. Thank you. My baby is 7 months old, can you suggest a food chart for her?

  2. Anuradha

    Hi there. I have a 15 months old, but he is very lean. I have to keep hearing about him being thin. Can you suggest how to help him gain some weight.

  3. Suchanda gal baby have completed 10months. .can I give boiled egg to her?…please help me.

    • Priya Sachan

      You may give yolk to her. If she takes it well, introduce egg white around 12 months of age.

  4. sravani

    my babu age now 5months ending.
    so daily daily weight loss. how it is resolve.
    pls advice

    • Priya Sachan

      Hello Sravani,
      Your baby will soon start solids, which might help. Also, do not reduce the breastfeed or formula once he starts solids. Do discuss this with baby’s doctor. Babies usually double their birth weight in the first 6 months. If he has done that, then there might not be anything to worry.

  5. Devashree Joshi

    Its a wonderful site that can help me a lot in every months for baby growth.Thank u so much

  6. ujjayini mitra

    my baby is 5months 19days old..till now i dnt introduce any fruit? do i ? can i start nestrum this week?

  7. Hii.. Priya my baby is 5month and 5days old, now she is started taking everything into her mouth for biting things,so can I give any raw veggies or fruits so that she can bite

  8. Hi.. I have a baby girl with 4 month and 20 days old. Till now she is on breast milk and we haven’t started anything other than that. But people surrounding us continuously suggest us to start with different things and I am confused. So plz suggest how we should move ahead with her diet plan and how to start

    • Priya Sachan

      It should be pureed initially and as baby gets used to having solids gradually start giving mashed and lumpy food.

  9. hi,
    my baby boy has complited 9 month but still he is not seating and teeth is also not come so can i start giving food thrice a day or still continue twice a day.
    i give him food in liquid form as he is not taking thick puree or mash food.
    pls reply.

    • Priya Sachan

      Teeth may be sometimes late as late as 12 months and then they come in a bunch. Do check with your baby’s doctor if you have concerns about his not sitting still. If he can sit with support, you can give solid food to him.
      Try to thicken the puree gradually maybe just a spoonful of thicker mashed food mixed with puree.

  10. Hello
    my baby is 6 month old just started solid food . i started with rice cereal. what should be done when baby gets constipated when starting solid foods. can i give janam ghutti to her or is there any medication or any home remedy not to get constipated. please share

    • Priya Sachan

      Give enough warm water along with solid foods. If rice cereal is the culprit, stop it for some time and give something else like mashed banana or may be freshly cooked and mashed rice.

  11. My 2months baby have a symptoms of teeth, it will happen like this. Pls answer

  12. Hello mam, my son is 3 and half month. He is taking mother feed,but some time in day time he dont take mother feed,and we give him formula feed through “katori & spoon” as his dr suggest dnt give him bottle. So i want to know that how to know baby wants more,as he always cry at the day time. And at night we are giving him ‘HICET’ citirezine syrup from 3 days,how long it is require and is their any need to give him any multivitamin syrup or drops for teeth or growth. Pls suggest me mam…….

  13. Taheseen

    My baby entered into 8th month now, can I introduce non-veg to her….?
    Please kindly reply

  14. Hi Priya,

    I gave a very little (1/2 tea spoon) toor dal (well cooked and grind) mixed to home made ground mixture of rice + moong dal, her age is 6.5 months and she cried a lot that night. Could this be a gas caused by toor dal? When is it appropriate to introduce other dals ? or shoud we mix fried jeera powder or hing to dal to avoid gas? Suggestions are welcome please.

    • Priya Sachan

      I would suggest you to start with moong dal at first as it is easiest to digest. Give just a spoonful and see how she takes it.

  15. Ashwini Jagatap

    Hi my baby is premature and now he is 12 months old.He is not gaining weight what kind of diet should i give to him

  16. Rahul

    Hi Dr. Sandhya..!!

    My cousin got delivered on 5th May, 2017 and due to her critical health, she expired on 10th May, 2017 after delivery.

    Her Sisters are taking care of the baby(boy) now. Baby is just 15 days old now.

    Please suggest how we should tak care regarding baby’s food.

    Currently we are giving “Lactodex” (upto 6 months) 1 spoon with 30ml mineral water every 2 hours or cow’s milk 40-50ml.

    Based on above case study, please suggest your advise.


  17. Sheela

    Can you please add the Food Charts and Recipes in Downloadable format(PDF) without the ads so we can print them.

  18. Vijayshree

    Hi, my son is 7 months old and presently I am breastfeeding him and giving him moong dal khichadi, ragi powder kheer (the powder has dates and almonds) and cerelac. But from last 3 weeks he is suffering from acute constipation. Please suggest whether I should change his diet to cure the constipation problem and what changes should I do.

  19. Thank you so much for this food chart for babies which is very useful for all the babies. You can explain this food chart very well.

  20. Baby feeding every 2-3 hrs is routine for most moms as it is the only baby food for at least the first 6 months. In the first months, baby feeding is not just a way to meet the baby’s nutrition needs but also to help provide comfort to the baby. Often, even the smallest cry triggers you, the mom, to find a corner to breastfeed, no matter what you are doing. While everyone else around you goes happily on with whatever they are doing.


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