BPA free Baby Bottles

All parents want to give the best to their babies, be it food, clothing, toys or other products. You must have seen most baby feeding bottles displaying BPA free labels. Let us decipher what this label actually means and what its significance is.

What is BPA ?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is an organic industrial compound,  which is used to make polycarbonate plastics , resins. and other products. It can withstand heat and thus is used to make many kinds of products. BPA is usually found in polycarbonate plastics, such as reusable cups, old water jugs and older baby bottles.

Why BPA free feeding bottles ?

BPA is controversial, as it shows some weak but clear hormone-like substances. Thus in late 2000s, there were severe concerns regarding the safety of consumer products that it was used in. There were also concerns about its effect on foetuses, infants and young children.

Even though there are many claims that BPA is safe to be used in consumer articles, many governments have banned the use of BPA in baby feeding bottles.

How to ensure your baby’s utensils are BPA-free ?

Most known brands have BPA free baby products. You should look for a label that the feeding bottles which you are buying are BPA-free before purchasing.

How else can one avoid BPA ?

It is not possible to completely avoid BPA from our modern lives. It was found that BPA was present in metal cans used for packaging of food and beverage. Resins containing BPA usually line these cans – including soda, beverages  etc. This lining can seep into the food or beverage when exposed to heat and thus can enter human body. Eating fresh is your best bet to avoid BPA.


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