Signs of developmental delay in children

milestone delays in babies

The progress on the growth and development of your baby is indicated by each milestone reached. Each milestone in your baby’s development is arrived within a certain time frame. For example it is generally seen that babies start walking around the age of one. Slight variations within the time frame are acceptable and are completely regarded as normal. One might just be a little worried if this is exceeded or too delayed. Therefore, it is imperative that as parents one must pay attention to and monitor their baby’s progress by checking if they are reaching new milestones within a general frame of time.



You can start by learning a little about any such delays:-

Birth to four months old baby development delays

·         Baby has trouble in moving eyes & crosses them most of the times.

·         Does not respond to loud noise.

·         Baby is unable to see his/her hands by the age of two months

·         Baby is unable to track moving objects by the age of three months

·         Is unable to grasp objects(by three months)

·         Does not smile at people(by three months)

·         Baby is unable to hold own head(by three months)

·         Does not babble by four months of age

·         Baby is unable to bring objects to own mouth(by four months)



Baby development  delays at seven months  

·         Baby seems to be very stiff, with tight muscles

·         Baby’s muscles seem to be floppy, loose or slack

·         Head still falls back when pulled up to a sitting position

·         Baby reaches only with one hand

·         Baby refuses to cuddle & shows no affection towards the parents

·         Persistent tearing or sensitivity to light

·         Baby is unable to roll on either side by five months of age

·         Unable to sit up with support by six months of age

·         Baby does not laugh or make squeaky sounds(by six months)



signs of developmental delays in babies 



Baby development  delays at One year

·         Baby is not able to crawl or drags one side of the body while crawling

·         Unable to stand even with support

·         Baby does not look for objects that he sees are hidden

·         Does not say a single word

·         Does not use gestures like shaking head to say no

·         Baby has not started teething by fifteen months of age (Though this is not really uncommon or much to worry about, you might want to mention it to your baby’s pediatrician at the next appointment)

·         Baby has not started walking by eighteen months of age



Child development delays at two years

·         Child does not speak at least fifteen words

·         Does not use two word sentences while speaking

·         Does not imitate actions or words

·          Is unable to follow simple instructions

·         Is unable to push a wheeled toy



Child development at delays three years

·         Child falls very frequently & has a problem with stairs

·         Drools persistently or is unable to speak clearly

·         Is unable to stack more than four objects vertically

·         Child is unable to communicate in short phrases

·         Shows no interest in other children

·         Makes poor eye contact

·         Child is not interested to play with toys


One needs to appreciate that every child is different & may take some time to reach his/her milestones. None of this means anything is wrong with the baby. However, don’t ignore the feeling if your child does not reach his milestones after a couple of months delay & consult a pediatrician who is the best person to address your concerns.


Milestone Chart for Babies


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