8 Month Baby Food Chart / Indian Food Chart/Meal Plan for 8 Months old baby

8 Month Baby Food Chart Indian

By now the baby has been introduced to many basic foods and she is now ready to have three solid meals. We do not specify the quantity because it will differ for every baby. Always go by your baby’s cue and comfort. Once your baby is comfortably finishing a certain amount at a mealtime, you may add a couple of teaspoon to see if she wants more.


At 8 months your baby may already have a few teeth, but  even if there are none her jaws are strong enough to tackle small chunks. You can replace smooth purees with lightly mashed but well-cooked food. Food should still be well-cooked and soft.


We cannot stress enough that during the first year, breastmilk or formula must form the bulk of your baby’s intake gradually getting replaced by solids. If at all you are in doubt  about anything, always check with baby’s doctor.


8 Month Baby Food Chart Indian

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 Follow the 3-day rule whenever introducing anything new.

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Early Morning








BM/ Formula

Apple Suji Kheer

BM/ Formula

Mashed Khichdi with veggies

BM/ Formula

Roti soaked in dal

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Stewed Fruits

BM/ Formula

Idlis soaked in dal

BM/ Formula

Bottle gourd sabji with rice

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Suji Halwa

BM/ Formula

Beetroot and Carrot mash

BM/ Formula

Fresh mashed paneer

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Rice cereal with stewed apple

BM/ Formula

Mixed veg soup and mashed rice

BM/ Formula

Suji Upma with veggies

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Banana smoothie

BM/ Formula

Plain Curd rice

BM/ Formula

Khichdi mashed

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Atta Halwa

BM/ Formula

Pumpkin and carrot Mash

BM/ Formula

Idli soaked in vegetable soup

BM/ Formula


BM/ Formula

Ragi Porridge

BM/ Formula

Homemade Curd rice

BM/ Formula

Lentil soup

BM/ Formula


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Points to Remember:

  • This 8 month baby food chart/ timetable is just a guideline to help you plan your baby’s meals at this stage. Please remember that every baby is different and while few babies will be ready to take solid meals three times a day, others may not be ready yet. Please use your discretion when planning meals.

  • We never mention exact quantities because this not an exact science. Your baby will most probably have all three meals one day and will not want more than a few bites on another day. It is completely normal and expected.
  • Do not cut back on baby’s breastmilk or formula during first year. It is best to feed on demand, while gradually increasing solid intake.
  • Do not compare your baby’s feeding schedule with other babies. 
  • At any point if you are in doubt, always discuss with your baby’s doctor.
  • Do not continue pureed or mashed food for too long. Introduce lumpy food as early as possible while making sure that it soft and well-cooked.
  • Your baby might not want to eat as usual if s/he is suffering from some sickness like fever or cold and cough. Do not force the baby to eat, while continuing with breastfeeding in this case. The appetite will come back as soon as baby is better again.


Check out 30 cold and cough home remedies for babies, toddlers and kids to help your baby recover with natural ways.

  • By now, your baby might have sprouted a tooth or two. If not, then it is just round the corner. You may see a lot of drool and irritability due to teething.


Here is how to know if your baby is teething and how to soothe the teething pain

Hope this 8 months baby food chart will help you in planning your baby’s food. If you like it, do share it in your circle. Do leave a comment to ask a question or let us know your feedback.  You can follow us on Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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12 Responses to “8 Month Baby Food Chart / Indian Food Chart/Meal Plan for 8 Months old baby”

  1. megha gopan

    Sometimes when she refused to eat home-made food, I had to introduce Cerelac which is available in a variety of flavours(fruits/veggies/lentils etc).Don’t know whether it is good for a baby but I had no option but to give.Your food charts are awesome Priya,any child who eats all of these would never be deficient in vitamins 😉 🙂

    • Priya Sachan

      Thanks Megha! Cereal is not bad, but we always advise home made food as much as possible. AS you can see from Recipes on ShishuWorld that it is not at all difficult to make your own baby food. 🙂

  2. S P GHOSH

    I have a 9 month grand daughter who was on breast feed till 07 months. Now she has been introduced to solid food from 07 months on wards. She was introduced baby food (NAN & LACTOGEN) but she had vomited profusely on two different occasion. Although allergy test show negative to milk products, her parents are afraid of giving baby food again. How we can supplement milk product? She occasionally take breast feeding. Thanks.

    • Pragya

      It happens with few kids. Its not a problem, try giving curd with water in a runny consistency or cheese as one of the daily diet.

  3. mitali

    Tips are very informative…. But need some ideas about easy recipes for babys evening snacks

  4. Hi, thank you sharing such wonderful recipes. My question to you is what do you do with the left over food. Obviously the baby only eats a very small portion of what we cook and we cannot cook such small portions each time, especially rice and dal(say for khichidi). Can we freeze the left over and defrost again give it. I have frozen purees before but I am not sure about freezing rice. Any thoughts?


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