9 Month Baby Food Chart, Indian Meal Plan for 9 Months baby

Indian Meal Plan for 9 Months baby

At 9 months, you baby is most probably ready for a lot more variety than previous months. Now is a good time to give complex cereals and foods.


9 month baby food chart

This 9 month Indian baby food chart will help you plan meals for your baby. By 9 months, most kids are comfortable eating solids and are having 3 solid meals. It cannot be stressed enough that breastmilk or formula provides fat and nutrients for baby’s growing body for the first year and should be continued along with the solids.



By 9 months, you can introduce non-vegetarian food like egg yolks, chicken and some fish to baby. You may choose to introduce these earlier too with your pediatrician’s approval.Also follow the 3 day wait rule, when introducing something completely new.

Soft chapatis and paranthas can be broken into small pieces and given as finger food too. Eventhough most babies are able to manage lumpy food, it should still be well-cooked and soft to chew. Hard food items like rawcarrots etc. can pose choking hazard.


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9 Month Indian Baby Food Chart



Early Morning








BM /Formula

Steamed idli

BM /Formula

Khichdi with vegetables

BM /Formula

Vegetable pulao

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Scrambled egg yolk with bread

BM /Formula

Plain rice, toor dal and cauliflower curry

BM /Formula

Chapati with peas and potato curry

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Suji Upma with veggies

BM /Formula

Curd rice with mashed pumpkin

BM /Formula

Vegetable Fried rice with egg yolk

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Ragi Dosa

BM /Formula

Daliya/ Broken wheat upma with vegetables

BM /Formula

Small aloo parantha

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Avocado mash with buttered toast

BM /Formula

Chapati with chhole gravy

BM /Formula

Vegetable and noddle soup

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Papaya and rice cereal

BM /Formula

Rice and fish curry

BM /Formula

Chapati with Bottlegourd curry

BM /Formula


BM /Formula

Stewed Pears with rice cereal

BM /Formula

Rice with mixed vegetables soup

BM /Formula

Small paneer parantha

BM /Formula

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By now you might be planning to start finger foods for your baby. If you feel your baby is still not ready for finger foods, wait for few more weeks. The period between 9 months to 12 months is usually a good window to start finger foods and lay the foundation of healthy and happy eating for life. If you are confused what you could give as finger food, check out our 75+ finger food ideas for babies and kids


  • It cannot be stressed enough that your goal should be to allow baby to experience as many textures and tastes as possible. By 9 months most babies are ready for more adventurous eating than just purees.
  • If you are still pureeing your baby’s food, please stop. Introduce lumpy food and soft cooked finger foods like carrots.
  • Please don’t be scared to give regular food to baby. I gave this food to my daughter even before she cut her first tooth which was at the age of 11 months. Thousands of mothers have followed our food charts with success.


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Hope this 9 month baby food chart will help you in planning your baby’s food. If you like it, do share it in your circle. Do leave a comment to ask a question or let us know your feedback.  You can follow us on Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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22 Replies to “9 Month Baby Food Chart, Indian Meal Plan for 9 Months baby”


    Hi.. I have a 9 month old boy, can you please tell me how many ounces of solid food in each meal, I know there are no standard quantities and each babies differ, but it would really help me to know at least the approximate quantity for each meal

  2. Rinosha ajmal says:

    hi… this s very useful to everyone’s. my doubt s can I give dates to my nine months old baby instead of sugar.

  3. sapna says:

    hello my son is nine mths old ..he does not anything ..he dont like idly ..chapatti…khiacadi ..rice ..i make so many varierty ,,stiil he dont eat ..i cant give him dal cause he is colic ..he cries a lot due to gas ..i am worried abt his proteins level ..his weight .from seventh mth he eats three items ragi ..health mix ..wheat atta…wat can be done plz suggest ..can i jus leave and wait for him to eat and u want me to try daily and see if he eats ..waiting for reply thanks

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Don’t make it a battle. Give what he likes and in between keep offering new things. But try not to get too bothered if he still refuses.

    2. Ritanjali says:

      I guess u can try making dalia and apple puree, Vegetable boiled and pureed. I also have 9 months baby and i try giving variety veggies pureed form with either dalia or suji or rice. Have not yet tried ragi but its in the list for upcoming weeks. if ur worried for colic issues then u can visit a pediatric for solution. U can also give dal water by filtering.. i add veggies to dal water and puree n give to baby. Changing taste makes it exciting for her to happily have the food. but my LO does not like orange at all and she spits out.. 🙂

  4. manasa says:

    Hi..am bit surprised looking at the chart given for 9months old babies…How can babies eat chapathi/parata/ragi dosa etc .Babies digestive system is still developing ,how can they have these varieties.Please guide me on how to give these foods/correct me if am wrong

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Hi Manasa,
      Baby can easily digest plain fulkas(chapati), soft piranha etc. at 9 months. When you make a small fulka, shred it into small pieces, soak in dal etc. and then offer. Stuffed parantha should be made very small and soft which baby can try and explore as a finger food.
      However, every baby is different and you know your baby best. So, if you feel your baby needs more time in starting these foods, wait for a few more weeks. This is just a guideline to help. Hope this helps!

  5. devaki says:

    I am unable to view 9 months baby food chart. Could you please send to my mail. As soon as possible.

  6. prasad says:

    Hellow doctor..I have nine months old baby…is it ok ghee rice for baby

  7. Hina says:

    Can i give my baby rice in deffernt style everyday with little oil also?

  8. Hina says:

    Can i give my 9 month baby rice in deffernt style nd with little oil also?

  9. Arup says:

    My baby is not interested to eat cerelac and any food.He is crying when we are giving food.not open his mouth.plz share me the trick how feed him

  10. Lavanya says:

    My LO just completed 8th month..he tries to stand by own..but not yet started for sitting by own..I give puree food..at times when I give lumpy food..he vomits..while feeding food.I make him sleeping position to feed food..in such case plz suggest..wat to do??( to make habit of finger food and lumpy food)..waiting for reply

  11. food recipe podcasts says:

    hi!,I love your writing so much! proportion we keep in touch more about your post on AOL?
    I require an expert in this area to unravel my problem.
    May be that is you! Looking forward to see you.

  12. Sunita says:

    Hi my 8 and half months baby doesn’t eat any thing always close his mouth when I try to feed him what to do plz help me

  13. Rohini Verma says:

    my daughter is 9 month old. i am using Philips avent (Brand) bottle for little cow milk given to her every 2 to 3 times daily. is this right for her???

  14. Saloni A says:

    Hii !! Your website n videos r very informative n impressive! Thankyou
    My baby is now 10 months old, no teeth yet.. how can i introduce chappati?? Also should the chapati made differently?


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