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Indian Baby Food Chart for 4-6 Months

Although recommendations are to exclusively feed baby on breastmilk or Formula only till the age of 6 months, many families and pediatricians prefer to start babies on some sort of external food sometime between 4 and 6 months, preferably close to 6 month mark.



If you decide to start your baby on something other than breastmilk or formula between 4-6 months, ensure that it should be very gradual and liquid.

You should follow the 3 day rule, ie. you should introduce only one new food at a time and keep a gap of atleast 3-4 days before introducing anything else. E.g. if you start your baby on moong dal water, as is traditional in India, continue giving the same , only about a teaspoon full, for atleast 3-4 days. If you see any allergies/reactions/ rash, discontinue immediately and wait for few more weeks before trying again.

According to some studies, proteins are more difficult to digest and hence they should be introduced after 6 months. In that case, you can start baby on rice cereal / fruits / vegetables etc.


What to Feed : 

  • BreastMilk or Formula

What not to Feed :

  •  Any solid food which needs chewing.
  •  Citrus fruits
  •  Dairy

Read more on what foods to avoid during first year


New Introduction :

  • Dal water
  • Rice water
  • Diluted Rice cereal
  • mashed banana diluted with baby’s milk
  • cooked and thinly pureed and strained fruits and vegetables

 See more on what to feed baby between 4-7 months.


How much to feed:

Solids at this age are just to introduce baby to something other than breastmilk or formula. Take it very, very slow, starting with just a teaspoon of food, gradually increasing it to a tablespoon or so. If your baby does not want to take it, don’t force the issue. There is no need for baby to have solid food at this age. All your baby’s nutrition needs are fulfilled by breastmilk or formula, so do not worry, if your baby does not want to take new food. Wait for a few days and then try again.


Indian Baby Food Chart for 4-6 months


P.S. Do not feel pressurized by seeing other babies or listening to other mothers, who say that their babies were eating so and so much during this age. Always remember that your baby is unique and no two babies behave or feed in the same way. Check your baby’s growth using Growth Chart calculator

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 Month-wise meal plans/ diet charts for infants


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  1. Hema latha says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you. My baby is 7 months old, can you suggest a food chart for her?

  2. Anuradha says:

    Hi there. I have a 15 months old, but he is very lean. I have to keep hearing about him being thin. Can you suggest how to help him gain some weight.

  3. femi Ruban says:

    Please send me 8 month baby food chart

  4. Suchanda says: gal baby have completed 10months. .can I give boiled egg to her?…please help me.

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      You may give yolk to her. If she takes it well, introduce egg white around 12 months of age.

  5. sravani says:

    my babu age now 5months ending.
    so daily daily weight loss. how it is resolve.
    pls advice

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Hello Sravani,
      Your baby will soon start solids, which might help. Also, do not reduce the breastfeed or formula once he starts solids. Do discuss this with baby’s doctor. Babies usually double their birth weight in the first 6 months. If he has done that, then there might not be anything to worry.

  6. Devashree Joshi says:

    Its a wonderful site that can help me a lot in every months for baby growth.Thank u so much

  7. ujjayini mitra says:

    my baby is 5months 19days old..till now i dnt introduce any fruit? do i ? can i start nestrum this week?

  8. raji says:

    Please suggest a food chart for 11 months baby in detail images

  9. nagma says:

    Hii.. Priya my baby is 5month and 5days old, now she is started taking everything into her mouth for biting things,so can I give any raw veggies or fruits so that she can bite

      1. Safa hameed says:

        Pls send me the food chart for 6 to 9 months baby

  10. Nagen says:

    Hi.. I have a baby girl with 4 month and 20 days old. Till now she is on breast milk and we haven’t started anything other than that. But people surrounding us continuously suggest us to start with different things and I am confused. So plz suggest how we should move ahead with her diet plan and how to start

  11. madhura says:

    what is the consistancy of food for 5 months old baby

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      It should be pureed initially and as baby gets used to having solids gradually start giving mashed and lumpy food.

  12. pinal says:

    my baby boy has complited 9 month but still he is not seating and teeth is also not come so can i start giving food thrice a day or still continue twice a day.
    i give him food in liquid form as he is not taking thick puree or mash food.
    pls reply.

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Teeth may be sometimes late as late as 12 months and then they come in a bunch. Do check with your baby’s doctor if you have concerns about his not sitting still. If he can sit with support, you can give solid food to him.
      Try to thicken the puree gradually maybe just a spoonful of thicker mashed food mixed with puree.

  13. Deepa says:

    my baby is 6 month old just started solid food . i started with rice cereal. what should be done when baby gets constipated when starting solid foods. can i give janam ghutti to her or is there any medication or any home remedy not to get constipated. please share

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Give enough warm water along with solid foods. If rice cereal is the culprit, stop it for some time and give something else like mashed banana or may be freshly cooked and mashed rice.

  14. Pooja says:

    My 2months baby have a symptoms of teeth, it will happen like this. Pls answer

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Yes, Babies can show teething symptoms even at that age, though teeth may not not appear for a few more weeks. Rest assured it is normal. If you still worry, do consult your baby’s doctor.

      1. Netravati says:

        Mam my baby(female) now in seven months. What I give food for my baby .

  15. tina says:

    Hello mam, my son is 3 and half month. He is taking mother feed,but some time in day time he dont take mother feed,and we give him formula feed through “katori & spoon” as his dr suggest dnt give him bottle. So i want to know that how to know baby wants more,as he always cry at the day time. And at night we are giving him ‘HICET’ citirezine syrup from 3 days,how long it is require and is their any need to give him any multivitamin syrup or drops for teeth or growth. Pls suggest me mam…….

  16. Taheseen says:

    My baby entered into 8th month now, can I introduce non-veg to her….?
    Please kindly reply

  17. Harika says:

    Hi Priya,

    I gave a very little (1/2 tea spoon) toor dal (well cooked and grind) mixed to home made ground mixture of rice + moong dal, her age is 6.5 months and she cried a lot that night. Could this be a gas caused by toor dal? When is it appropriate to introduce other dals ? or shoud we mix fried jeera powder or hing to dal to avoid gas? Suggestions are welcome please.

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      I would suggest you to start with moong dal at first as it is easiest to digest. Give just a spoonful and see how she takes it.

  18. Ashwini Jagatap says:

    Hi my baby is premature and now he is 12 months old.He is not gaining weight what kind of diet should i give to him

  19. Rahul says:

    Hi Dr. Sandhya..!!

    My cousin got delivered on 5th May, 2017 and due to her critical health, she expired on 10th May, 2017 after delivery.

    Her Sisters are taking care of the baby(boy) now. Baby is just 15 days old now.

    Please suggest how we should tak care regarding baby’s food.

    Currently we are giving “Lactodex” (upto 6 months) 1 spoon with 30ml mineral water every 2 hours or cow’s milk 40-50ml.

    Based on above case study, please suggest your advise.


  20. Sheela says:

    Can you please add the Food Charts and Recipes in Downloadable format(PDF) without the ads so we can print them.

  21. Vijayshree says:

    Hi, my son is 7 months old and presently I am breastfeeding him and giving him moong dal khichadi, ragi powder kheer (the powder has dates and almonds) and cerelac. But from last 3 weeks he is suffering from acute constipation. Please suggest whether I should change his diet to cure the constipation problem and what changes should I do.

  22. Parenting says:

    Thank you so much for this food chart for babies which is very useful for all the babies. You can explain this food chart very well.

  23. rani says:

    Baby feeding every 2-3 hrs is routine for most moms as it is the only baby food for at least the first 6 months. In the first months, baby feeding is not just a way to meet the baby’s nutrition needs but also to help provide comfort to the baby. Often, even the smallest cry triggers you, the mom, to find a corner to breastfeed, no matter what you are doing. While everyone else around you goes happily on with whatever they are doing.

  24. Naveen says:

    Hi I hve a twins banys n thy r five month old n can we feed them solid food .. cos thy will be keep cryin whole night n day n after feeding .. thy ill sleep not even one hour .. we r giving bottle feeding also ..plz help me out of it

  25. Naveen says:

    Hi I hve a twins baby’s n thy r five month old n can we feed them solid food .. cos thy will be keep cryin whole night n day n after feeding .. thy ill sleep not even one hour .. we r giving bottle feeding also ..plz help me out of it

  26. Manoj says:

    My baby is just born 10 days, initially my baby’s weight was 2.5 KG but now baby’s weight is only 2.1 KG, can you please help me out how to increase the baby’s weight gradually

  27. Kanagasabai says:

    My son is 4thmonth statred which food should we give

  28. Parvathy says:

    My baby is 7month old she vomits everything. what should i do.?? I dont know how much to feed.she eats and then vomits everything out

  29. Rekha Ghadge says:

    My baby is 58 days oldbonly on formula milk is given .he is not taking after 2 to 3 hours sometimes I forced him . What can I do

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Some babies may take feeds even after 4 hours. If he is gaining weight and peeing 6-8 times, then he is fine.

  30. Pooja says:

    My baby girl is 34 weeks born.. very low birth weight premature now 5 months completed. From 7oct she will be 6months old.. can I give her food according to this food chart..


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