What to do when baby falls off the bed?

What to do when baby falls off the bed?

What to do when baby takes a bump on head?

What to do if baby falls off the bed

 My baby fell off the bed – What should i do?

No no, do not worry! It didn’t happen to my baby. Well, it did happen to her a long while back but not recently. But few days back I got a call from a friend whose 8 months old baby had fallen from the bed and she was beside herself with guilt and worry. It so happened that she dozed off while feeding at night and her baby who has just discovered crawling somehow managed to cross her and next thing she saw was the baby lying on the floor crying her heart out. I’m sure it sounds commonplace to seasoned parents, but for a first-timer it is nightmarish. I still remember the first time it happened to my daughter, I just could not sleep anymore for next few months and would check on her many times a night.


Other’s assurances don’t help much in such a case but it is always good to be prepared for such an eventuality. Most of the times babies do not get hurt much as their skulls are much softer than adults and thus able to absorb the impact. It is more the shock of the fall than any major damage.


What to do if your baby rolls off the bed?

  • If your baby falls on head, it is important to observe her carefully. Look for any bumps or swellings on head. If the baby seems OK after a little while and sleeps again, let the baby sleep.
  • Take good feel of your baby’s full body for any lumps, check the eyes carefully whether they are able to focus or not.
  • If the baby cries excessively or becomes unconscious, take her to the doctor immediately.
  • If baby develops fever or vomits, it is time for the emergency room.
  • Be observant for next couple of days for any unusual lethargy or drowsiness. Mention this to baby’s doctor.
  • Take the baby to doctor without delay if there are any convulsions or seizures.



Precautions to reduce risk of falling by infants

Infants and toddlers are prone to fall off beds, cribs, couches, changing tables and so on. You can take a few precautions to cut the risk though.

  • Make the baby sleep on the cot with rails at a safe height.
  • Once the baby is sitting and trying to pull up, adjust the mattress to the lowest level on the crib.
  • If baby sleeps on a regular bed, do carpeting in the room to cut down the impact if it happens.
  • Put safety gates on stairs once the baby starts crawling and exploring.


Above all be calm and do not be too hard on yourself. I am yet to meet a mom whose baby has not taken a tumble during those early months. Remember, if you panic your child will also pick up the vibes and will be harder to console.


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