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ShishuWorld was born as an idea to have a go-to place for Indian parents and parents to be , who are away from their families, either in India or abroad. To look at parenting, the Indian way. Combining our age-old traditions which have been proven for aeons, as well as modern advice which is relevant for current times.

With the arrival of a baby there are a thousand things to consider and think about for expectant and new parents. Being away from family does not help either, to soothe their nerves. The big shoulder to lean on is Internet of course, where one could come to know the experience of other Parents and Parents to be. However, most of the information available is from Western point of view, which though relevant and useful, would sometime feel alien.

ShishuWorld aims to bridge that gap and provide everything that a parent might need to know, from care during pregnancy to newborn Care to those amazing safe long-forgotten home-remedies. Magic Box is like a Bhanupati Ka Pitara which has rhymes and stories and songs and videos, prayers and dohas which you might want your kids to learn. Recipe Corner will aid you in preparing quick, easy and delicious dishes for your finicky, picky eater.

Our most popular articles are our monthly Food Charts for Babies, which gives detailed meal plans from the age of 6 months right upto 2 years.

Some of our most popular sections are:

Monthly Food Chart for Babies

No salt, no sugar recipes for 6-9 months old babies

Recipes for 10-12 months old babies

Toddler Nutrition Guide


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