What is the right way to clip baby’s nails?

What is the right way to clip baby’s nails?

How to cut/clip baby’s nails?

How to clip baby's nails

How to clip baby’s nails -As a first time parent, clipping baby’s nails might be a nerve-wracking task to you, but it is a task which must be done to ensure hygiene and safety of the baby.

Why is it important to clip baby’s nails regularly?

It is important to clip baby’s nails from time to time, as you will see them growing every few days.

  • Nails of newborn babies are very soft , but the baby can scratch herself as they can be quite sharp. 
  • Long nails can also accumulate dirt and foster germs inside them. When baby puts finger in her/his mouth, it can make your baby sick.


When to cut/ clip baby’s nails?

Best time to trim a baby’s nails is after a bath, while a baby is sleeping. 

Nails become soft and pliable after a nice bath, so that is the time you should cut your baby’s nails.

It is best to wait till baby is in deep sleep, so that you can gently clip the nails without the baby moving/wriggling and getting hurt.

If your baby is too wriggly, cut baby’s nails while feeding. You could take help of your partner while ding so.

How to cut/ clip baby’s nails?

 Easiest way to clip a newborn’s nails is to just peel away the nail. They are so soft that they come off easily, and you may be scared to use a clipper on those extremely soft fingers. But it may not be advisable as it may sometimes peel the soft, sensitive skin.

As the baby grows older, it is important to use nail clippers or scissors to trim baby’s nails.

You should buy nail clippers and scissors meant for babies and not make do with regular scissors as this can be dangerous. These baby nail clippers have rounded edges to ensure nails can be clipped short. These are also designed to provide you with better grip.

Do not trim the nails too short, as you may risk exposing the sensitive skin. Just cut short enough to prevent scratches.

Nail Scissors              Nail Clippers

 baby nail scissors and clippers

How to clip baby’s nails ?

It can be nerve-wracking to clip baby’s nails the first-time. Don’t worry, you will get a hang of it in no time.

You may wait till the baby has gone to sleep. Even then, be very gentle.

Make sure, there is enough lighting to see what you are doing.

Hold the baby’s palm and finger with one hand and clip with the other.

If you feel you can’t manage alone, especially if your baby is very fidgety, take your partner’s help where one of you can hold the baby and other can clip the nails.



What to do in case accident while clipping baby’s nails

However careful you might be, there will be an incident or two where you might accidentally draw blood.

Don’t panic in such a case.

Apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding.

In most cases, this will stop the bleeding and cut will heal on its own in a few days.

Don’t apply and medicine or bandage to it as baby is bound to put fingers in mouth and it can be dangerous.

If the cut is too deep and you are not able to stem the bleeding, go to the doctor.

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