Top 10 Tips to Take Care of Kids during Covid Times

Covid/ coronavirus pandemic has been a learning curve for all of us and unfortunately the end doesn’t seem near. A new normal has been set and it looks like this is how it is going to be for quite some time to come.

Lockdown has not been easy for any of us, but children have had to bear perhaps the biggest brunt. Their tiny lives have turned upside down and they have had to change their understanding of right and wrong completely. We told them TV and computer screens were bad for them and now screens are their constant companions whether it is school or some extra-curricular activity.. We told them it is essential to play outside for at least hour or two for good growth and now we stop them from stepping out. One can only imagine what havoc this must be causing to their little minds.

kids during covid

Education has also been affected specially in small towns and villages. Children and the schools do not have the right kind of infrastructure to carry out virtual classes and there is a question mark on the standard of lessons being imparted. The impact of all this will be there for all of us to see till much much later. We as parents have a responsibility to ensure that we can do everything to care for our kids to the best of our ability. Here we share few tips to take care of kids during lockdown.

1) Spend more time with kids

One advantage of lockdown has been that we have more time on hand. With not many places to go and things to distract and occupy every hour of our day, we are able to spend time at home that used to get wasted while commuting, shopping or doing other chores. Spending this time with kids can be a wonderful treat for the kids and for us. We often complain of not having enough time and kids also get busy as they grow older with their studies as well as other activities. All this extra time is silver lining to this pandemic and we must make use of it.

2) Make a routine keep studies on track

Studies are biggest casualty during this pandemic and while the schools and teachers are trying their best, we should also do our bit so that our kids are able to keep up. The way I have tried to keep my daughter’s studies on track are by making a routine. Every day we spend 1-2 hours discussing something from school. She decides what she wants to do that day.

3) Give nutritious food

Children often turn grumpy because of the boredom due sitting at home. An easy to cheer them up is through offering their favourite candy or junk food. But it is important not to fall in this trap. The need of the hour is to give them homemade nutritious food which can provide them with all the necessary nutrients to their growing bodies. A treat once in a while is fine, but regular homemade food with lots of fruits and vegetables should be the norm

4) Teach them new skills

We can take advantage of this time and utilise it to teach kids some new skills. I told my daughter that she must make her bed herself every morning. It took some reminding initially but now she does most of the days before her school starts. We have also done some cooking together. We also got a simple embroidery kit to learn about sewing.

Some other ideas for skills and responsibilities for kids could be:

  • Watering plants
  • Taking out trash
  • Setting utensils in their right place once dry
  • Wash their own plate after a meal
  • Help in sweeping/ mopping
  • Dust their own room
  • Fix torn books
  • Make tea
  • Make simple recipes like toast, omelette, salads, lemonade

You may use these ideas as suit the age of your child.

5) Keep them active using Yoga at home

Physical activity is a must for kids and since playing out with friends is not an option these days, we must find ways to keep them active and fit at home. Yoga is one such option which helps them to stay fit as well as calm during these unprecedented times.

Simple yoga asanas like surya namaskar, vrikshasana, cat and cow pose, bhujanasana etc can be safely practiced by children at home.

6) Take them outdoors while maintaining distance

Lockdown does not mean you and the kids have to stay cooped up in the house. Now that the situation is a little better, we can take the kids out while following all necessary precautions like using mask and maintaining distance.

Some good exercise options while maintaining distance are taking a walk/ run, cycling, skating, etc. choose a time when not many people are out.

7) Play indoor games

So what if going out is not an option, there are plenty of indoor games to keep all of entertained. You can choose to play all time favourites like ludo, chess, card games, monopoly, uno, rummikub, scrabble and so many more.

My daughter loves puzzles and they can keep her engaged for hours. She learnt how to solve rubik’s cube during this time too and loved it.

8) Give Vitamin C and Zinc rich foods

Vitamin C and zinc are closely linked with good immunity and many people have resorted to taking pills for these during the pandemic. Instead of popping pills it is a better idea to take natural food rich in these vitamins and mineral.

Most citrus fruits, lemon, amla, guavas, green vegetables are rice in Vitamin C. Wholewheat, millets, meat, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds are good sources of Zinc. Include these in regular diet.

9) Use homemade remedies to keep illnesses away

Last but not the least, try to use time-tested homemade remedies to boost immunity. Include foods like ginger, black pepper and cloves in regular diet.

Do remember that too much of a good thing is also bad, so do not overdo these remedies.

10) Keep a positive outlook

Above all, we must keep a positive outlook as kids pick up on unhappy vibes very fast. Humanity has seen many pandemics and this too shall pass.

Do you have any other ideas? Do share those with us in the comment section.

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