35+ Handmade Rakhi Ideas- Easy DIY rakhi for kids

Easy DIY rakhi for kids to make school rakhi making competitions

Handmade rakhi designs for Rakshabandhan

DIY rakhi ideas

Handmade rakhi ideas

The festival of Rakshabandahan or Rakhi as it is commonly called is just a couple of weeks away. This Indian festival is a day for brothers and sisters and is celebrated with greater joy across India. This festival celebrates and strengthens the bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie rakhi or an embellished thread on their brother’s wrist and pray for their well-being. Brothers also promise to take care of their sisters and spoil them with gifts.

There are many legends and mythological story where someone like Draupadi, Yamuna or Rani Karnavati tied rakhi and asked Krishna, Yam and Emperor Humayun for help and they left everything to help and save their sisters. The bond of rakhi is considered stronger than blood relations.

Being the only sister to my two brothers, this was and still is a very important and joyful day for me. Though all of us stay far apart now, the approach of this festival always fills me with anticipation and excitement. My daughter too loves sending rakhi to her cousin brother who stays in another city.

This time we thought that we should make rakhi for our brothers and not just buy them from market. Yes, the shops are already brimming with colourful rakhis all around. I shortlisted some lovely rakhi making ideas from internet and here I am sharing the same with you all to help you in your rakhi making endeavours. These are simple ideas which you can easily do with your young children.

Handmade Rakhi/ Friendship bracelet ideas for kids

DIY Sticker Rakhi

These rakhis are the easiest to make specially if you have young children who you are making these with. These are also very versatile, as you can choose any kind of stickers that you children like. Young children love cartoon characters and you can choose anything that they like.

Common ideas for creating sticker rakhi are:

  1. Cartoon character rakhi
  2. Animal rakhi
  3. Vehicle rakhi
  4. Smiley rakhi
  5. Butterfly rakhi
  6. Bird rakhi etc.

What you need:

  • Your child’s favourite stickers (preferably thick, felt stickers)
  • Satin ribbon to tie

How to make button rakhi :

  1. Cut the satin ribbon of appropriate length.
  2. Stick the sticker on the ribbon using the adhesive backing.
  3. You may choose to stick the stickers on a foam or felt base too.

DIY Sticker Rakhi ideas

Handmade Button Rakhi

These are also great to make with preschoolers.

DIY Button Rakhi ideas

What you need:

  • Colorful buttons
  • Glue
  • Satin ribbon to tie

How to make button rakhi :

  1. Cut the satin ribbon of appropriate length.
  2. Using glue, stick button at the centre of the ribbon.
  3. You may also combine different sized buttons to create some new design.

Handmade Gota Rakhi/ Recycled rakhi

Another simple idea of making rakhi is by using gota flowers.

The Ganesha embellishment that we have used here has come out of an old card, which we have recycled here.

Handmade Gota Flower Rakhi/ Recycled rakhi

What you need:

  • Readymade gota flowers
  • Glitter foam sheet
  • Embellishments – We used a small silver Ganesha
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

How to make Ganesha Rakhi:

  1. Cut a small circle out of contrast color glitter foam sheet. The circle should be smaller than the goto flower.
  2. Stick the circle on top of goto flower.
  3. Stick the Ganesha in the centre of the glitter circle.
  4. Stick this whole topper on the ribbon.
  5. Gota flower Ganesha rakhi is ready.

DIY Star Rakhi for kids

We have used glitter foam and crystal embellishments to make this rakhi. It is another perfect project to do with your kids.

Handmade Star Rakhi/ Recycled rakhi

Foam embellishment rakhi with buttons/ Butterfly with flowers rakhi

Handmade Foam Button Butterfly Rakhi

What you need:

  • Readymade foam embellishments – We have used a butterfly embellishment
  • 2 red flower shaped buttons
  • Silver ribbon
  • Glue

How to make butterfly with flowers rakhi :

  1. Stick the foam butterfly on top of silver ribbon.
  2. Stick two red flower shed buttons on each side of the butter fly.
  3. You easy-peasy rakhi is ready.

Make a DIY Rakhi with your kid

Jute flower rakhi

Handmade Jute flower crystal Rakhi

What you need:

  • Readymade jute flowers in different sizes- red and green colors
  • Sticky crystal embellishments
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Glue

How to make jute flower rakhi :

  1. Stick the small jute flower on top of the bigger jute flower.
  2. Stick the crystal embellishment in the centre of small flower.
  3. Now stick this on a satin ribbon.
  4. You easy-peasy rakhi is ready.

Easy handmade paper diamond crastal rakhi

Handmade Crystal Rakhi

What you need:

  • Handmade paper
  • Little diamontes / craft crystals/ rhinestones
  • Big crystal/ rhinestone
  • Glue
  • Satin ribbon

How to make jute flower rakhi :

  1. Cut a diamond shape out of the handmade paper.
  2. Stick red rhinestones on the edges of the shape.
  3. Now stick the big crystal in the centre of the diamond shape.
  4. Stick the little rhinestones around the big crystal as you wish to make it look more beautiful.
  5. Now stick this rakhi on a satin ribbon.
  6. Your handmade paper diamond rakhi is ready.

DIY Resham/ Silk thread Rakhi

Here is a simple tutorial to make resham/ silk thread rakhi.

Handmade Felt and Button Rakhi

Here is another beautiful but simple idea to make rakhi using felt and button.

DIY felt and button rakhi

DIY Rakhi with card stock

Check out this simple tutorial to make card stock rakhi

Card stock rakhi

DIY Eco friendly Rakhi made with Wheat flour

DIY Quilled Rakhi Ideas

If you love quilling, it can be used to make numerous designs for making your own rakhi. Here are some lovely design ideas.

DIY quilled rakhi ideas

Braided Silk Thread Rakhi ideas

Braid together colourful silk thread to make braided rakhi. You may also braid to use it in place of ribbon and embellish it with any topper.

DIY Braided Rakhi ideas

Lego Rakhi

Take inspiration from this lego friendship band to make your own lego rakhi for lego fanatics. All you need to do is drill two holes and pass the braided strings.

Lego rakhi/ friendship bracelet

Personalised Rakhi with Names/ Letter

You may use letter beads to make personalised rakhi for your children.

Personalised rakhi/ friendship bracelets

Here are some more handmade rakhi ideas in this easy tutorial

Ribbon flower Rakhi

Here is a simple tutorial for kids to create a ribbon flower rakhi.

ribbon flower rakhi

DIY Rakhi envelopes

You can also DIY Rakhi envelopes with this easy tutorial

Rakhi-Packets/ Envelopes

DIY Rakhi Thali/ Platter idea

Here is a simple tutorial to make a beautiful rakhi platter/ thali

Hope these will give you enough ideas and inspiration to make your own rakhi this Rakshabandhan. Most schools conduct rakhi making competitions during this time. You can use these simple ideas to help your child make few of those in school. Do share this article, if you found it helpful. It keeps us motivated. Leave a comment to let us know what you feel.

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