New Mommies Dilemma- Crib sleeping or Co sleeping? Which is advantageous?

Once we get our little bundle of joy in our hand, we constantly think of how to keep him/her healthy and safe. Every decision becomes monumental. How to keep our baby safe while sleeping is another such thing that keeps revolving in our mind.

Few Parents opt for crib sleeping while some for co sleeping. Now a days, many of the parents are aware of SIDS, so they try co sleeping. Now is co sleeping safe?


Is Co-sleeping with Baby Safe? -Points to keep on mind while crib sleeping

When we are co sleeping we should take sone precautions so that our baby is safe

1. We should not co sleep with our baby, if any of the parent has any kind of infectious health condition.

2. We should not swaddle baby while co sleeping as it may over heat the baby and increase the risk of SID

3. The mattress in which the baby will be placed should be firm with tightly placed bed sheets.

4. Keep Pillows away from the baby to reduce chance of suffocation.

5. It is wise not to co sleep with an infant if you already have an older kid in bed.

6. Co sleeping should be avoided if any of the parent smokes or drinks.

7. Pets shouldn’t be allowed in the same bed where infants sleep.

8. Never leave baby unattended in adult bed

9. Use bed railings or bed guards to prevent any kind of accidents.

10. Last point to be on the safer side is investing in a king size bed.

Crib Sleeping with Baby Safe? – Points to keep on mind while crib sleeping

A good crib is a safe place for an infant or a baby to rest.As our baby will be napping or sleeping in a crib so its our responsibility to take care of the safety measures for our little sleeper.

1. Most important thing to keep in mind is investing in a good quality crib with a firm mattress. The edges should not be sharp or any fancy cutouts in the crib should be avoided.

2. Always we need to lay baby on back to avoid SIDS.

3. No adult bedsheets for the crib. A tight fitted crib sheet should be used.

4. No soft toys, cushions, blankets should be put in the crib.

5. If you are using crib bumpers for crib, try to remove them once they start moving to prevent any kind of accidents.

6. Don’t put the crib near window binds to avoid any kind of unfortunate events.


Now, every family has got different choice on how to make the baby sleep. Patents are advised either crib sleeping or co sleeping for their babies. So as long as safety precautionary measures are taken any of the option can be chosen. 

Many babies are unwilling to sleep in the crib from the first day onwards and if you as a parent want your baby to sleep only in the crib try to put the crib in the same room, that’s called Room sharing and for me it worked the best.

You can put the baby to sleep by rocking, walking, singing and eventually they will sleep, it might take time to get accustomed but it will work.
If you are co sleeping and then trying to shift to crib even the transition takes time. It requires patience and lots of tears to get settled.

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