Thank You Papa

My little girl is just 2 and half years and still not able to express everything in words, but her smile and eyes say it all. She and her father share a very special bond and what better way to celebrate it than thanking him for those little moments they share, which are theirs and theirs alone.



Here is my little darling’s letter to her Papa on Father’s Day.


Dearest Papa,


You know I still can’t write, so I am telling Mumma to write this for you.

Thank you Papa for doing Namoh Namoh with me every morning before you go to office. (This is their special daily ritual and they both pray together before Anirban leaves for office)

Thank you Papa for taking me out for a stroll in the corridor before you leave for office.

Thank you Papa for playing all kinds of silly games with me.

Thank you Papa for our Chatkani session very evening after you come home from office. (This is another of their father-daughter special moments)

Thank you Papa for singing to me when I feel sleepy.

Thank you Papa for making up silly songs and poems whenever and whatever I prompt you with.

Thank you Papa for writing beautiful poems for me. Though I still can’t read and understand them. I am going to love and cherish them when I grow a little older.

Thank You Papa for being the best daddy in this whole world.

We love you very, very much….





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