Top tips for Traveling with baby by Road

Top tips for Traveling with baby by Road

Planning Travel with infants

How to make baby’s first road trip a success

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Top tips for Traveling with baby by Road – Travel by road on your own or rented vehicle will be the easiest for you and the baby, although it can be a little tiring as you will not have much space to stretch. If you are traveling on your own vehicle , take frequent breaks for yourself and the baby.

You can keep below in mind while planning for a road journey.

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Get a checklist of what all to keep in mind while packing for baby.


Top tips for Traveling with baby by Road




  • Feeding Baby while traveling with baby by road

 If you are breast-feeding, feeding the baby will be easy. You can take breaks at regular intervals and breast-feed the baby, even in the back of your car if there is no other place. If you are bottle-feeding or even if you are not, always carry boiled cooled water in a flask. Carry formula for the baby. If the baby has moved on to solids, carry some biscuits, ready to mix baby-food and some easy to feed fruits like banana and cheeku.


  • Baby Gear to carry when traveling with baby by road

 It is a good idea to take a light-weight baby’s stroller which can be carried in your car’s boot. You can also take a baby-carrier to carry baby around.


  • How to pack the diaper bag while traveling with baby by road

Diaper bag is most important whenever you leave house with the baby. Carry enough diapers, infact, carry a pack extra than what you think is necessary.

Find out if the diapers your baby wears will be easily available in place that you are visiting.

You can get diapers delivered to your destination online, if you do not want to carry a lot with you and they are not available there.

Carry diaper-wipes, diaper rash cream, baby lotion etc. Wet wipes for hand and face. Carry non-scented ones. Hand-Sanitizer should also be there in your baby’s bag.


  • First-Aid kit to carry while traveling with baby by road

 It is very important to carry basic first-aid kit and medicines for baby whenever you are travelling with baby.  Visit baby’s doctor before travelling let him/her know about your travel plans. S/he may prescripe medicines for emergencies while you are away. Take a paracetamol like crocin or calpol drops, cough /cold medicine, medicines for loose motions. All multi-vitamins and supplements that baby is taking.

 Take usual stuff like nasal aspirator, thermometer, saline drops, calamine lotion for any rashes, ORH solution sachets , baby’s nail-clipper or scissors, cotton and bandage.


  • What and how many toys to carry while traveling with baby by road

 Take baby’s favorite toys to keep her engaged. Take a variety of small toys with you. Your baby will get bored of the same toy, so carry quite a few, but keep them small. Non-fur soft toys, rattles, a simple sound-making train etc are good to carry.

Even regular stuff from your carry-bag can make interesting toys for baby.


  • Bibs for babies

Take enough bibs for the duration of travel. Carry some plastic ones, which are easy to use and clean.


  • Bathing supplies of baby

Carry baby’s soap, shampoo, oil, towels etc. You can also carry an inflatable tub with you to easily bathe baby.


  • What Baby’s clothes to carry while traveling with baby by road

Take enough clothes for the duration of travel. Babies can soil clothes often and will need changing.

Keep 2-3 sets of clothes handy in baby’s diaper bag to ensure it is available immediately and you don’t have to open luggage in case baby soils them.

Also carry any favorite blanket etc. They can help calm a cranky baby by bringing familiarity to the scene.


  • Carry bug-spray or mosquito repellent

Do not forget to carry bug-spray or an ointment, as it is easier to carry and apply. Ensure that it should be safe for baby and it is a brand that you have used before. If you have not used it before, so a patch test at home to see if it causes any adverse reaction.

You may also carry mosquito-repellant patches for kids. These patches can be put on baby’s clothing and need not touch baby’s skin.

Hope these tips will help you in planning your road trip with your baby painless and successful. Do you have any more tips that you want to share with us and the readers. Do drop us a comment! You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

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