35 Items Packing Checklist for Travel with Baby

Packing checklist for travel with baby

What to pack when travelling with baby

Baby essentials to carry on a trip


I still remember the first time, we travelled with my daughter. She was 6 months old and I had been thinking and planning for it for almost a month. I had then created my checklist which served me well on subsequent travels. Gone are the days when you could travel at a moment’s notice. When you are travelling with a baby, it is important to plan well and ensure that you do not miss taking anything that baby might require.


packing checklist for travel with baby



Here is a basic checklist while packing stuff for your baby. 

Go to the link more exhaustive tips on planning your trip with baby .


Diaper Bag – packing checklist for travel with baby


Diaper bag is most important when travelling anywhere with your baby. It should remain at hand all the time and must have most of baby’s essentials. Here is a list of must-haves in a diaper bag. 

1) Diapers You must carry more than enough diapers. Disposable diapers are easier to use when travelling. If your baby is younger than 3 months old, carry a diaper for every hour of journey + 2, else you may carry a diaper for every two hours of journey  plus a few extra.

2) Changing pad – You must carry a few plastic or disposable changing pads to use while changing baby’s diaper.

3) WipesCarry a large pack of diaper wipes.

4) Hand Sanitizer, wet wipes

5) Diaper rash cream

6) Baby Lotion

7) Plastic bagsCarry plastic bags of various size to store dirty clothes, diapers and dispose soiled diapers.

8) Blankets – Carry couple of blankets to wrap baby in or lay her down. Also carry a large shawl which can serve multiple purposes like a cover-up when breastfeeding or to wrap baby if it gets cold.

9) Mosquito repellent which is safe for baby.

10) Old newspapers can come handy while disposing away stuff or while feeding baby to ensure there is limited mess.



Feeding – packing checklist for travel with baby

11) Bottles – Carry enough bottles to last your journey. It may not be possible for you to wash bottles while travelling. Carry extra nipples and sippy-cups or your baby’s favourite cup whichever applicable.

12) Formula – Carry enough formula, whichever type you use. If you think you may have trouble finding the brand of formula at your destination, then carry for the whole trip. Otherwise, carry at least enough to last you 3-4 days. Take measued formula in containers for use during travel.

13) Water flask – Carry boiled, cooled water in a flask.

14) Bibs – Carry lots of washable and disposable bibs.

15) Extra pacifiers (if baby uses one)

16) Baby’s favourite biscuits or other easy to carry food, if baby has started having solids.

17) Ready to mix baby cereal and baby food jars.

18) Carry fruits like bananas or cheeku which are easy to feed. You can also carry small packed yogurt cans.

 19) Breast pads – disposable or reusable if you are breastfeeding.

20) Some burp clothes


 Bathing Supplies – packing checklist for travel with baby

21) Baby’s soap, shampoo, oil, powder, lotion, cream etc.

22) 2-3 towels.

23) An inflatable tub can be very helpful in bathing baby in a new place.



First-Aid – packing checklist for travel with baby

Carry a small basic first-aid kit with baby’s medicines. Get baby’s vaccinations done ahead of time so that there are no reactions when you are about to travel.

24) Baby’s medicines for fever, loose motions, cough and cold.

25) Vitamins and tonics that baby is taking.

26) Thermometer

27) Nasal aspirator to clear a congested nose

28) Calamine lotion to soothe insect bites etc.

29) Nail clippers to trim baby’s nails

30) Antiseptic solution, cotton and bandage


Clothes & Toys

31) Carry enough clothes to last the duration of your travel. 2-3 pairs per day is a good number. Carry clothes based on weather. If weather is going to be hot, carry thin, cotton clothes and lots of change of clothes. For cold weather, carry sweaters, jackets etc.

32) Socks, shoes, booties.

33) Baby’s favourite toys to keep busy and distract.


Baby Gear

34) Front carrier or sling to carry baby around, in case you use it for keeping your hands free.

35) A lightweight stroller, if possible



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