Recipes for Mums

This section contains recipes which are good for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.

Gond ke Laddu



Very good for new mothers and young children. This is a simple laddu on demand of a user through Ask Ma, which is great during winters. Gond or Gum resin is an edible gum. It is procured from the bark of a tree and looks like a yellowish crystal. These gum crystals are roasted are roasted in ghee and are known to warm our bodies and hence they are given to new mothers who are recovering from pregnancy as well as kids during winter.




Gum resin (gond) – 50 grams

Lotus seeds (Makhane ) – 50 grams

Wholewheat flour (atta) – 500 grams

Ghee – 300 grams

Nuts (cashews, pistachios, almond) – 1 cup

Melon seeds (magaj dana)  – ½ cup

Powdered sugar or boora – 250 grams

Cardamom – 4-5 pods –powdered

Black pepper – 10 peppercorns crushed



Heat half the ghee in a heavy bottomed kadhai or pan.

Add gum resin or gond to ghee and cook on slow fire, till puff up to double the size. It happens very quickly. Don’t leaveit in ghee for too long or it will become bitter. Keep aside.

Crush the fried gun resin using a rolling pin to a fine pwder.

In the same ghee, add makhanas.Let them also puff up. Crush them coarsely and keep aside.

Roast nuts. Crush and keep aside.

Dry roast melon seeds and keep aside.

Add the remaining ghee to the pan and roast flour stirring continuously till it turns brown and gives a nice roasted aroma. Do not let it burn.

Turn the heat off.

Add fried gum powder to roasted flour and keep stirring as you keep adding ingredients.

Once mixed well, and makhanas and mix well.

Add and nuts and melom seeds.

Add cardamom powder and crushed pepper corns.

Add sugar and mix everything well.

Allow it to cool a little, so that it can be handled by hand.

Take a small amount in hand and make balls of mixture to make laddus.

You could also spread this mixture in a greased plate. Let it set in fridge and then cut into diamonds or squares to make Gond ki barfi.

Keep in an airtight container. They keep well for many days.


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