Immunization – Precautions

Immunizations are usually safe. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh any risk associated with them. However, it is good to take certain precautions while getting your baby vaccinated.

  • Always get the baby immunized in a reputed private/government hospital. The hospital should have all the facilities to store vaccines safely.

  • Prior to immunization inform your doctor if the child has had any significant reactions to the last dose.
  • Insist on checking the expiry date of the vaccine being given to your baby. Expired vaccine can cause serious problems for baby.

  • Always consult your baby’s paediatrician before vaccination. Doctor will check your baby for any illnesses before clearing for vaccination.

  • Vaccines can be given in the presence of minor illness. Always inform your doctor if your baby has any health issue like cold, fever etc.
  • Prior to DPT immunization, inform the doctor if the child had developed any convulsions or fits in the past.


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