Does Priyanka Chopra have a maid? #Aanyaisms

For starters, this is a personal blog, which is meant for saving these stories with my daughter for posterity. So, if you have any other expectations from this, you may stop reading right now, otherwise enjoy and relate if you have a similar smart and sassy child at home.

My 8 years old is growing up too fast and she comes up with these gems almost every day. I want to record them for myself and for her too because I have seen how much she enjoys such anecdotes from when she was a baby.

Here is a conversation we had a few days ago. She is usually very chatty while having her milk and does not finish it till I start yelling. Yes! Yes! I know yelling is counter-productive, but ask any Indian mom and most will agree that it is still the only resort of getting things done.

A while having her snack: Mom, why do Americans have such huge kitchens when they don’t cook.

Me: They do cook, but in batches.

A: But, I read somewhere that they mostly eat packaged and frozen food, so all they need is one refrigerator and one stool to keep the microwave. Why do they have such humongous kitchens?

Papa pitches in helpfully: They do cook food, but in US they have to do all their work themselves. They do not have house help like we do.

A: Really, mumma?

Me: Yes, they have to do all the cooking and cleaning by themselves. So, they find ways to do it more efficiently by doing it in batches.

A takes a pause and takes time to digest this information. And then,

A : Do you think Priyanka Chopra has a maid?

Gehraaaaa Sannataaaaa………..


Can’t handle the sass…

This one is from just 2 days back. My husband is from Bengal and Durga Puja is one of the most anticipated times of the year. On ashtami, we went pandal hopping. After the usual Thakur pranam and customary photos, we moved on to the little shops that spring up at all these events.

Other than the ubiquitous biryani, rolls and sweet shops, some of the common sights are the hawkers with all kinds of cheap, Chinese plastic toys. They have whistles and trumpets, bubble-makers and binoculars, cameras and mobile phones.

Of course, children get attracted to these things and my daughter would always buy more than a few, specially encouraged by her indulgent grandmom. 🙂 Some of these toys are total gems. Last year, she bought a mobile phone with barbie’s picture in front and when you pressed a button, it played some random Bhojpuri song. Like, really!

So, this year I asked her if she wanted to buy something from those shops and she just shrugged and said that she did not want to. She also told me they break so fast and lead to garbage which causes pollution.

I looked at her with obvious pride and said : A, you have grown up so much. Till last year, you would go mad for these things and now you can make informed decisions.

With this, I move on to the next shop which is selling junk silver jewellery (again found at every Durga Puja pandal) and look at the same designs which are present everywhere.

A: I wonder when I will be able to say the same to you…


Needless to say, that jewellery shop couldn’t make any sales to me that evening.

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2 Replies to “Does Priyanka Chopra have a maid? #Aanyaisms”

  1. Megha says:

    I never get bored reading your posts at all! These are so genuine and I’m sure all those having 8 year old kids can relate to this quite well. Kids raised in the present era are much more informed, pragmatic in all their decisions and sometimes, they even give us food for thought.

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Thank you, Megha. I agree that kids today have a wider environment and it opens their mind to possibilities. They do not want accept stuff just on face value.


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