Review of Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

One of the most common illnesses in early childhood is common cold. It is heart-breaking to see a baby or a toddler struggling with blocked nose. Young babies specially have trouble while feeding because they are naturally nasal breathers and blocked nose can make it difficult for them to feed. One of the important tools that we listed in our first-aid box for babies/toddlers is a nasal aspirator, which is a tool to clean blocked nostrils. Nasal aspirators commonly available in market are bulb aspirators which are not very easy to ease.



A new product was recently brought to my notice, which has a very convenient design. It is called Nasobuddy nasal aspirator. It can be used to clear little blocked noses easing symptoms of colds.


Nasobuddy nasal aspirator review

What is NasoBuddy nasal aspirator?

It is a nasal aspirator for babies between 0-5 years with a unique design.

Its design concept is similar to that of Swedish Nosefrida Snotsucker. But Nasobuddy’s tip size and body ratio has been adapted for Indian babies and mothers. It is made up of completely safe, non-allergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free polypropylene. It is manufactured in eco-friendly clean environment. (To put BPA free green symbol alongside)



How to use NasoBuddy?

There are four parts in Nasobuddy

Collecting tube

Cap (with filter)

Soft tube

Yellow mouthpiece

  • Place the tip of collecting tube against the nostril, creating a seal
  • Use yellow mouthpiece to “SUCK OUT” mucus. You will see mucus collecting in tube. Rotate the collecting tube in circular motion while sucking for better results
  • It  is recommended to put saline drops in baby’s nostrils before using the aspirator.




Can Nasobuddy be  used on infants?

Yes, it is safe and effective and can be used for newborn as well as toddlers. It does not irritate the delicate skin unlike the aspirators commonly available in market.

Can parent contract cold from baby because of Nasobuddy’s use?

No, special hygienic filters are provided which ensure no mucus gets transferred from child’s nose to user.

Can hygienic filters be bought separately?

Yes, you can buy separate packs of hygiene filters.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, all parts can be disassembled and assembled easily after cleaning.

Where can I buy Nasobuddy?

Nasobuddy is now available on and

How much does it cost?

Cost is also quite reasonable at INR 359/-  


This  product looks definitely better than the bulb aspirators that are otherwise available in market. The material is soft and safe even for newborns. It is non-invasive and much more comfortable for children. It gives better control to parent to apply just the right amount of suction.


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