Oats, apple and nuts porridge recipe for toddlers, kids

Oats recipe for toddlers

Oats recipe for babies, kids

oats recipe for toddlers

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. It is important that children should have a good, wholesome breakfast and should not skip this meal. Breakfast provides the body with much-needed fuel after the over-night fast. Experts recommend having breakfast with two hours of waking up. Having a wholesome breakfast keeps children alert and active throughout the day.

Oats is one of the super-foods which is low in fat, cholesterol and Sodium. This whole-grain is an excellent source of dietary fiber and great source of minerals. According to C.Health, one cup of oats provides  6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. One cup of oats can give you about 70% of your daily requirement of Manganese which is essential for bone formation.


This oats with fruit and nuts porridge is a simple and hearty oats recipe that can be made in a jiffy and can be a healthy, wholesome breakfast for children as well as adults.



4 teaspoons instant oats

1 cup milk

5-6 soaked almonds

5-10 raisins

Any other nuts or fruits which your child likes(cashews, dates, walnuts, apples all go well in this porridge)

Organic jaggery grated (1 teaspoon)/ honey optional (My daughter doesn’t mind no sugar/sweet, but if your child likes some sweetness, add jaggery or honey to taste).



In a heavy bottomed pan, mix oats and milk and put on heat.

Keep stirring while cooking for 2-3 minutes till oats cook.

Peel socked almonds and grate them to add. Children usually do not like big pieces, so grating helps. But if your child  prefers, you can chop the nuts.

Add raisins and jaggery (if adding). Keep stirring.

Once porridge thickens, take off heat. It is important to keep stirring the porridge, as it can get burnt  fast.

If adding honey, add it after taking off heat and once porridge has cooled down a little.

Serve topped with chopped apples and your favorite nuts.

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5 Replies to “Oats, apple and nuts porridge recipe for toddlers, kids”

  1. Chetna says:

    Which milk have u used to make oats as i have not introduced vows milk to my baby yet, she is 10months old

    1. admin says:

      You can use formula milk. You may also cook the oats in water and add BM or formula at the end. Hope it helps!

  2. Jivika says:

    My daughter os 15months old and i am so confused abt her dinner what yo feed her in night?? She takes curd rice or dal rice but still she wakes up 5 6 time to breast feed in night .
    Pls suggest me some thing

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      You can give her chapati with a simple curry/ dal at night.
      Also, try and drop 1 feeding at a time. She might just be getting up because of habit. Try other ways to put her back to sleep like rocking or singing.


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