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Lullaby songs for babies

Lullabies for kids

Music and songs are inherent to any culture and ours in no different. There is no dearth of rhymes and songs written for children, some so old that nobody even knows how they originated. Bollywood or Indian film industry has also given us numerous evergreen songs, patriotic songs  and lullabies for children.

When my daughter was a baby, two things really used to soothe her down whenever she was upset. One was stories and the other was music. I selected songs for children and stored them on my phone so that I could play them whenever my daughter wanted to hear those songs. Today, I am listing down 30 Bollywood songs which are our favourite and we loved them yesterday and still love them today.

Hindi, bollywood songs for children

Bollywood Lullabies for kids / Lullaby songs for babies

I had a few favourite Bollywood lullabies stored for when my daughter wanted to sleep. I have sung them myself to her as well. Though we usually read couple of books at bedtime, she still demands a few of them when she wants some special ti

Nanhi Kali Sone Chali – Movie: Sujata – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

This is my favourite lullaby for my daughter. Sung by late Geeta Dutt, this song has such a soothing melody that even I used to feel sleepy listening to this song.

Tim tim karte taare, ye kehte hain saare – Movie : Chirag kahan roshni kahan – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

This is another of our favourite lullabies from Bollywood.

Chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu – movie: Aaradhana –

Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

This is another all-time favourite lullaby that we love.

Aao tumhe chaand pe le jaayein – movie : Zakhmee -Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

Chanda mama door Ke – movie : Vachan – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

Lalla lalla lori : movie : Mukti – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

Main gaaoon,  tum so jao – movie : Bramhachaari – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

Door ke O chanda – movie : Ek dil sau afsaane – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

Yashoda ka nandlala – movie : Sanjog – Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

This is another soothing lullaby or lori which the Hindi movies have given us.

Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye- Movie: masoom(1960)  Bollywood lullabies/ lori for kids

More evergreen children songs from Bollywood

Jungle Book – Hindi evergreen songs for kids

This is not a Bollywood song, but which child from 1980s does not remember this song. The title song from TV series Jungle book is unforgettable.

Saare ke Saare – Parichay –Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

This picnic song by Gulzaar, meant for teaching sargam to kids is another classic children’s song from Hindi movie.

Chal mere ghode tik tik tik – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

My daughter just loves the song and the fact that lyrics tell a story of an adventure of a king makes it even more interesting.

Ek Chidiya, Anek chidiyan – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

This message filled animated song is from my childhood we grew up watching this song on Doordarshan. My 6 years old still loves this.

Railgadi, Railgadi -Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

The oldest rap song in Hindi movies, this classic song is perfect for young children.

Chhuk chhuk, Chhuk chhuk rail chale – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

This playful song featuring Nutan and a bunch of kids is perfect for kids. My daughter sed to love this this song when she was a toddler and still does.

Dadi amma dadi amma man jao – Gharana -Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

Who doesn’t love this old fun song, where kids are trying to pacify their grandmother who is angry with them.

Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

Choon choon karti aayi chidiya – Ab Dilli Door Nahin – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

Lakdi ki kaathi- Masoom – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

This evergreen song has been on every child’s favourite list ever since it came out.

Bum bum bole, Masti me dole – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

One of the very few contemporary songs which are actually want for kids and has lyrics which are suitable for them.

Hum bhi agar bachche hote – Bollywood evergreen songs for kids

This is the most popular and evergreen birthday song ever.

Patriotic Bollywood Songs for kids

Bollywood movies have also given us plenty of patriotic songs which can be taught to children for competitions and even for singing.

Nanha, munna rahi hun, desh ka sipahi hun – Son of India –

Bollywood Patriotic songs for kids

This is another song which you can teach you children to sing for a function or school competition.

Aao Bachchon tumhe dikhayein jhaanki  – Jagriti

This old song from the movie Jagriti is another of our favourite. Actually all the sons of this movie are gems and suitable for children. I do miss those times when the lyrics were full of power and meaning.

Chhodo kal ki baatein – Hum Hindustani

This song was taught to me my daughter by her school music teacher and we love this song.

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