3rd Trimester of Pregnancy: 7 Uncomfortable Symptoms and Their Remedies

The third trimester of pregnancy brings you closer to holding your little buttercup. It is that time when your baby is well-developed and begins to hear you. It is a phase filled with great excitement. However, with all the happiness, mothers 27 weeks pregnant may also rendezvous some irksome symptoms.

Some of the most uncomfortable symptoms are mentioned below:


  • Frequent urination:

Your uterus is expanding and putting a strain on the bladder, which makes you visit the bathroom often. To ease frequent urination, avoid beverages like tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks. Also, lean forward while peeing as it helps to empty the bladder.


  • Back pain:

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of the third trimester. The bulging belly puts a strain on the back and the hormone relaxin loosens your joints, exerting pressure on your body. Maintain a good posture while sitting. Pick a chair that has lumbar back support. Ditch the heels, and wear comfortable shoes. Sleep on your sides and place a pillow between your legs.


  • Breathlessness:

Activities like climbing a floor, talking too much, and brisk walking will leave you panting. Blame this on the expanding uterus that leaves less room for the lungs. Practice deep breathing and maintain a good posture to overcome this symptom of week 27.


  • Fatigue:

Your body has gained extra pounds and carrying that weight all the time makes you feel tired. To deal with fatigue, rest well. Have sufficient sleep, do gentle exercises, and follow a balanced diet full of proteins, iron, carbohydrates, and vitamin B.


  • Insomnia:

What could be more vexing than being completely drained yet unable to sleep! Weird thoughts, scary dreams, baby kicks, awful leg cramps, and visiting the bathroom often make it worse. To have a good sleep, take a warm bath, drink a glass of milk, read a book, and ensure your room is clean and fresh. Additionally, using pregnancy pillows may also help.

Dealing with these symptoms of the third trimester may be tough; however, staying updated with the problems and their solutions will help you handle them better. Follow these tips, and before you know it, you’ll be welcoming your little angel into the world.   

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