Top 10 Best Books for 4 to 6 years old to Read

I have always been an avid reader and it gives me great joy to see my daughter even more in love with books. At 7 years of age, she reads way more than I did at that age. Today I share with you guys, our top picks of the best books for kids to read at the age of 5-7 years. It is impossible to include all books in this, so I am sure we will miss out plenty of amazing books and we are happy to hear from you guys and know of them.

Top 10 Best Books for 4 to 6 years old to Read


Pepper Books

Pepper is a cute little dog character, about the age of a preschooler, who encounters the same challenges and dilemmas  as any other preschooler. He makes mistakes and learns from them. He refuses to brush his teeth, watches too much TV, does not want to admit mistakes and eventually learns his lesson. Children relate to the character and learn the lessons along with him.


Cat in the Hat/ Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat is one the best series of books for preschoolers. For children who are just beginning to read, we highly recommend “Cooking with the cat”. It is a phonics based book which kids this age love reading.



Explore the deep, dark wood with the mouse and the Gruffalo.

The Gruffalo is a kid’s favourite for over 20 years now. Written by celebrated children’s writer Julia Donaldson, this is a one of its kind book that every child this age should read. The kids love the sing-song way this story has been written in.


Room on the Broom

This one is another gem by Julia Donaldson. room on the broom is another classic which is a must-have in a tiny book lover’s book shelf. A sing along fun book, which makes kids fall in love with the kind witch.


Ladybird Classic stories

Ladybird series of books are prefect books to be introduced around this age, maybe a little earlier. You can read them to your children at bedtime. The stories are well-known classics and your child will cherish them for years to come. My daughter’s first Ladybird classic was “The Gingerbread Man” and then we collected quite a few of them. From “Three little pigs” to “Wizard of Oz”, we had them all.


The Tiger who Came to Tea

This was suggested to me by another mother and what a great buy this was. This books has been written and illustrated by Judith Kerr. The book is about a little girl named Sophie and her mother and a surprise guest who arrives for tea and is very, very hungry. The tiger eats everything in the house and Sophie and her parent have to go out for dinner and buy more stuff for next day. Does the tiger return?


The Day the Crayons Quit

This is another must-read for children this age. I remember my daughter used to laugh out loud and still does whenever she read this book.

This book comprises a bunch of letters that different crayons write to their owner, with their different grievances and is hilarious.


Some Parts are not for Sharing

This book by Julie Federico is a good book to read with preschoolers to teach them about good touch and bad touch. This is an age where it can be tricky to talk about this subject but it is essential for their own safety. This book conveys the point in a lucid way which explains what is private and what is not.


Pratham Books/ Tulika books

All of the books recommended above are English language books as English is first language of most kids today and also the medium of teaching in most schools. But, if you want your kids to read interesting books in Indian languages, I recommend books from Pratham books and Tulika books.

Pratham books publish books in over 20 Indian languages and I bought a few books in Hindi for my daughter to read. Their content is very good quality and prices are reasonable.





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