Shopping Checklist for New baby

Shopping for Baby Clothes

 It is very easy to go overboard while buying clothes for baby. You will be spoilt for choice once you start, hence it makes sense to do some homework and chalk out a checklist of what you are going to need.

You can keep below in mind before you embark on that shopping-spree.

Shopping checklist for baby



  • Wait to buy stuff, till after your Baby-Shower or God-bharai. You are bound to get a lot of gifts which you may tick off your list.
  • Start looking for stores around your residence and make father a part of these excursions, so he would know where to look for stuff in case of emergency.
  • If you have an older child, sort through stuff, which is already there in good condition and can be reused for the baby.
  • Make it known to your friends and family that you are looking to receive hand-me-downs. This is great way to save money as well as bond with your near and dear ones. Your baby will go-through many outfits daily during the first few months and these used soft clothing are great for baby. It also makes for great stories as your child grows up, and seriously though she may object later, now she doesn’t really care.

Make sure you buy all clothes 100% cotton. Don’t get swayed by beautiful designs in synthetic clothes. It is not good for your baby and can cause rashes.
Always wash clothes before making the baby wear them. Washing ensures clothes are clean for your baby’s gentle skin. It also makes clothes softer for babies to wear.

1) 3-10 vests : Vests are available in different forms. You can choose the traditional pull-down ones(Banians) or ones with snaps under the bottom. Snaps work if you are using disposable diapers, in which case the vests stay put and not get pulled up and can be easily opened to change diaper when needed. However, if you are using cloth diapers, these are not practical, as you will have to change the entire outfit each time, baby wets the diaper.

Vests are available with side snaps also, which makes it much easier to put on –off.

2) 2-3 stretch-suits with feet : These are great to keep the baby covered ,neck to toe while sleeping or when you are out. However, these work only when you are using disposable diapers.

3) 5-8 Pajama top/shirts/jhablas  : Look for 100% cotton pajama tops or Jhablas. It depends on which weather your baby is due to be born. If you baby is born in summer , take many thin jhablas. They work great for Indian weather. On the other hand, if you baby is due in October, it will make sense to go for thicker hosiery stuff.
Your baby will go through only a few each day initially, and will outgrow newborn size within a few days, so a good idea will be to buy everything in 3-6 month size. Loose clothes also ensure baby is comfortable. Side-stringed kimonos work great for newborns who still have umbilical cords clipped.

4) 10-12 pajama bottoms : If you like to keep your baby’s legs covered and are using cloth diapers, you will go through many more, but this is a good number to start with. Again it should be 100% cotton and preferably 3-6 months size.

5) 1-2 sweaters : Depending on weather, choose how heavy or light you want them. You can also buy woolen suits for a winter baby.

6) 2-3 hats : Buy keeping in mind the weather. If it is going to be a winter baby, buy some woolen hats else cotton ones will be handy.

7) 2-3 socks or booties : To keep those little feet warm. Remember to buy them in correct size, as they will be out of baby’s feet before you know, if loose.

8) 2-3 mittens : These are good to keep your baby from scratching herself.

9) 2-3 washable bibs : These can be handy even during early months to protect clothes from spit-ups and drool. 



Baby’s Bedding

1) Cot or Crib : You can skip this, if you are planning to co-sleep.

2) Mattress for crib.
3) 2-3 Waterproof sheets / Quick dry sheets

4) 12-15 Small gaddis for baby. You can use old dhotis, cotton saris , cotton bed sheets to get these made.

5) 3-4 swaddling blankets



Diapering and Bath Items


1) Diapers : If you are planning to use disposable diapers, have atleast a large pack of newborn diapers handy. It should have 50-60 diapers which will suffice you a week max.
    In case, you  are going to use Cloth diapers, it will depend on how often you are going to wash. If it is everyday, about 2 dozen may be sufficient. Keep an average of 10-12 diapers each day for the first month and buy accordingly.

2) Wipes : 1 pack of disposable wipes or 2 dozen cloth wipes.

3) 2 –3 Waterproof pads for diaper changes

4) Gentle baby soap or baby-wash.

5) No-tears shampoo.

6) Baby nail scissors or clippers to trim baby’s nails.

7) 2-4 Baby Towels : Hooded or otherwise.

8) 3-5 washcloths.

9) Diaper pail or a covered Nappy bucket

10) Diaper bag : Though you can use any bag with a lots of sections.

11) A baby tub or basin for bathing baby.

Bathing a newborn baby-  Do’s and Don’ts


Feeding supplies


Depending upon how and what you plan to feed your baby, you will have to be ready with some stuff before your baby arrives.


1) Feeding bottles : If you are going to bottle feed, 4-5 bottles in 150 ml (5 oz)size and 4-5 bottles in 250 ml(8 oz) size with teats and rings.
Even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively, it is still good to have at least 2 bottles with teats and rings, in case you want to express and feed using bottle.

Ensure you buy only BPA free Baby Bottles.

2) Bottle brush : A good quality brush to clean bottles and teats.

3) Breast-pump : If needed

4) 2-4 Nursing bras, if you will breastfeed

5) Nursing pads : disposable or washable. If you are planning to breastfeed, you will need plenty of good nursing pads. Nursing pads are available from various brands in both disposable and reusable varieties. Disposable ones can be used once while reusable cloth pads can be washed, dried and reused many times. Take care not to use any harsh or fragrant detergents to wash breast pads. only mild detergents should be used and then dry them in sun.







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  1. Shelby @ Fitasamamabear says:

    This is a cute post! I was so overwhelmed with what to buy for my first that I ended up buying so much that really wasn’t needed (like somehow ending up with 42 receiving blankets?!). The list keeps it straight forward!

    1. Priya Sachan says:

      Thank you, Shelby! 42 is a bit much, I must admit. 🙂


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