What is the right way of washing baby’s clothes?

What is the right way of washing baby’s clothes?

How should I wash my baby’s clothes?

Washing Baby Clothes

Baby laundry can be quite a load, especially if you are using cloth diapers, but a little planning can go a long way. Here are some simple tips which will make washing your baby’s clothes a much simpler chore.

Whenever you buy new clothes, you must wash them at least once to remove any dirt, chemicals etc from the shop.

What to do when washing baby’s clothes

  • Newborn babies can go through 10-12 diapers in a day. You can either wash it in washing machine as a separate load or if you have help, you can get those hand-washed.
  • Always use gentle detergents made for baby clothes. Don’t use any kind of softeners on baby’s clothes. Soak baby’s clothes in hot water with detergent for some time and then get it washed.
  • Try and was baby’s clothing separately. do not mix it with the heavily soiled laundry from home.
  • You may also use a disinfectant like Dettol as a last wash. Add prescribed amount of disinfectant in a bucket of water and rinse already washed clothes in this. 
  • Whenever possible, dry clothes in sun. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and you will notice that any spots on clothes also disappear when they have been dried in bright sunlight.


What not to do when washing baby’s clothes

  • Use detergents with fragrance – Such products may leave residue on clothes and may cause rashes, irritation to baby’s skin.
  • Use fabric softeners – There is no need for using excess chemical laden softeners etc after washing baby’s clothes.
  • Overload the washing machine
  • Use too much detergent – Using too much detergent could mean that it might remain on diapers which can cause irritation to baby’s delicate skin.
  • Mis baby’s clothes with other heavy clothing

Always be on the lookout for any sort of rashes/ reactions on baby. These can be due to residual detergent on clothes. If you happen to notice such, discontinue the use.


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