Jungle Magic Lunch Packz Review

Jungle Magic Lunch Packz

As a mother I am very particular about clean hands and thankfully my daughter is aware too and it’s a habit now with her to wash hands before we sit for a meal. I am sure most mothers follow the same. But, what about school? How can we be sure that kids have washed hands before they start eating.

Now, my daughter is still in preschool and they are taken to washroom by their teachers before snack time,  but I know it is a concern for mothers of older children. My sister-in-law is one such mother to a seven years old. She puts a hand sanitizer in his bag, but who knows if he remembers to use it.

 A new product was recently brought to my notice and I bet a mom must have conceived the idea. It is a lunch pack by Jungle Magic. It contains a water  bottle, a lunch box and a sanitizer. So, what’s special about it? Well, the lunch box  cannot be opened without taking out the sanitizer first. Isn’t it genius? Now the child cannot say that s/he forgot about the sanitizer. Tiffin box is average size with a partition. The bottle is filter-based, which is the other good thing about this pack. So, even if your child refills bottle from a tap in school, you can be assured s/he is getting safe, clean water to drink. Filter bottle lasts for 300 uses, so one bottle will last the whole year. The set comes in a transparent top bag which can be carried separately or inside the backpack.


This lunchbox is priced at INR 599/-, but it is available at SafetyKart for INR 500/-. This pack is available in three different themes.

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