Review of “The GingerBread Man” by LadyBird

We recently ordered Read It Yourself with LadyBird series level 2. The level 2 of this series is meant for beginner readers who can read small sentences. Even though my DD is not quite at that stage, I read the books to her and she loves them. Here is a review of the timeless classic “ The Gingerbread Man”of this series.

What we got?


The book is hardcover and the bright green cover is very inviting. A large picture of the gingerbread man on the cover means children are able to recognize the book easily and take it out for reading. The book has been illustrated by Stephen Holmes. There are large pictures which occupy both the pages and 2-3 sentences which make it attractive to an early reader.

There are repeating sentences as gingerbread man runs away from the old woman, cow and horse. This means children know what to expect and can prompt you once you have read the story a few times with them.

Our Experience

Aanya loves this book. It is one of her favorites. We read it almost everyday. Large illustrations mean she knows what to expect and prompts me as if she can read by herself. It is a joy now to see her picking the book herself and read “Stop, little gingerbread man! I want to eat you for my tea”. *LOL*


This book is perfect for children between 3-5 years. You can start with reading it to them and gradually they can take over as they become more proficient in reading.

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