4 Bottle gourd / lauki recipes for babies, kids

Bottle gourd / Lauki recipes  for babies

Dahi lauki for babies

Apple & Bottle gourd (Lauki ) Puree/ Mash for Babies (6 months+)

Lauki dal soup for babies

A reader and a subscriber requested us to post the recipe to make apple and lauki mash baby after she saw the applesauce recipe on ShishuWorld Youtube channel. The channel now has close to 4000 subscribers and new videos are added everyday.

Anyway, so then I posted the video for the same some time back, but never got around to posting it here on the blog. A lot of mothers find introducing vegetables a little more challenging than introducing fruits and lauki is a vegetable which is not just under-rated but also disliked by many. But the very fact that it is mild and does not have a strong taste makes it perfect to be used as a baby food.


Bottle gourd/ lauki recipes for babies


Apple & Lauki Mash

Bottle gourd or lauki is a very nutritious and easy to digest vegetable. But many parents do not use how to use it to make baby food. This is a simple baby food recipe with which you can include lauki in your baby’s diet. Adding apple also make this puree slightly sweet so your baby will just lap it up.



Half apple

1 piece lauki – roughly the same amount as apple

Water as needed

Recipe of apple & lauki mash

Peel the apple and cut the apple into small pieces.

Peel lauki  and cut into similar sized pieces.

Put both apple and lauki pieces into a pressure cooker.

Add a little water, just enough to cook the apple and lauki. Do not add too much water as both apple and lauki have lots of water content.

Cook the apple and lauki for 2-3 whistles and let the cooker cool on its own.

Open the cooker and check if both apple and lauki have cooked well.

Take the cooked pieces in a bowl to mash using a fork.

If you want to make a fine puree, transfer them into a blender jar and blend in a mixie.

Feed this mash or puree to your baby with a spoon.



Curd/ Dahi lauki for babies

Once you have introduced curd/ dahi to your baby, then you can also prepare and this give dahi lauki to your baby


1 cup homemade curd

1 piece bottle gourd/ lauki

Pepper powder 1 minch

Water as needed


Peel the bottle gourd and grate using a thick grater.

Now put the grated lauki in a saucepan and add half cup water.

Bring this to boil and cook for 5 minutes on simmer.

Beat the curd till smooth and add a pinch of pepper powder

Add boiled lauki to curd and mix well.

Dahi lauki for your baby is ready.



  • You can also make this dahi lauki for your toddlers. Add a pinch of rock salt to this lauki raita and serve as is or with khichdi or pulao.
  • Bottle gourd can be added to khichdi along with other vegetables.


Lentil & Bottle gourd Soup

Add lauki pieces to moong dal and cook till soup to make a lauki and dal soup for babies. This will make your regular dal soup even more nutritious for baby.

Bottle gourd / lauki recipes for babies

Lauki puree/ soup recipe for babies, toddlers

To make lauki soup:

  • Wash and peel the required amount of bottle gourd/ lauki.
  • Cut into small pieces.
  • Put into pressure cooker with half cup water.
  • Cook till 1-2 whistles.
  • Puree in a blender and add a pinch of pepper and cumin powder to this puree.

If you want to make this soup for toddlers,

  • you may add a tadka of cumin seeds in ghee.
  • Now sauce the lauki pieces for 1 minute.
  • Add water and little salt.
  • Cook till 1-2 whistles.
  • Mash/ Puree in a blender.


Advantages of bottle gourd/ lauki to be used as a baby food:

  • It is easy on the stomach and easily digestible by baby’s yet delicate systems.
  • It has a mild flavour and thus can be easily accepted by baby.
  • It can be mixed with other vegetables and fruits easily.
  • It is a very versatile vegetable and can be used in a number of ways to create recipes for babies.

Hope these 4 bottle gourd/ lauki recipes for babies, toddlers will help you in getting ideas for including lauki in your children’s diet.

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