Amber- Beauty Services at Home for Expectant and New Mums

Something happened recently which took me back 4 years!!

Now many of you know that we have a facebook community for mums called SW Mums and kids, which is an extension of ShishuWorld. It is an absolutely wonderful, lively community, where we love hanging out. We are currently having a month-long fitness challenge. Well, it is not really a challenge but motivation for mums to take their fitness and themselves seriously. 

Beauty Services at Home for Expectant and New Mums

While on this, one of the mums, mum  to a 3 months old, pinged me how she felt out of shape and unpretty because she just could not go out to visit a salon. I could relate to the feeling completely. I have myself gone to through the same feelings. When you have an infant to take care of 24 hours, you cannot even think of stepping out to a parlour to get even the basic services. Infact, you are so tired that every free hour you get, you just want to sleep it off, let alone dressing up and going to a spa or salon.

That is when we chanced upon, Amber. It is an all-stop beauty and styling platform, which provides beauty services at home for women who are time starved. Well, this friend of mine is in Mumbai and that is where Amber currently provides their services. We went through various reviews on internet as well as their website and it definitely looked something worth trying.

Beauty Services at Home
Amber: Beauty Services at Home

And boy, Was she happy!! It was her very positive experience which prompted me to share about them with you all.

So, all she did was to book an appointment with them. She booked a time in the afternoon, when her baby takes a long nap. On the appointed time, her stylist arrived along with an assistant.

She opted for a cleanup and pedicure. According to her, the stylist was very professional and the services left her feeling relaxed and beautiful.

How I wish, they were there when my daughter was small. Even now, I am waiting for them to launch in Bangalore, so I can use their services. I know every mother has her hands full whether she is working inside home or outside, but being a work at home mum of a young, demanding child, I get a limited window of time for my own self and I often have to add SALON VISIT to my to-do list to make it happen. I end up postponing my plans to visit a salon, simply because I do not have the time to travel and spend hours away from home. 

At the same time, I think a visit to salon every month and taking care of oneself is a must. Looking good lifts your spirits and gives you confidence like nothing else.

A service like Amber is perhaps the answer to all our prayers. Imagine having your own personal stylist at home before attending your child’s namkaran or first birthday party. You will be suitably groomed and glowing as you deserve to.

You can visit Amber’s website for finding out the various services they provide.

Do check out their Holi special packages that have been launched for the occasion!!


Their Mum’s special package is specially inviting too, which includes and Advanced hair cut, hair spa and a daughter’s hair cut too, all for 1295/- in the comfort of your home. I like Amber for many reasons. They provide professional beauty services when you want, where you want and at a reasonable price. 

You can visit their website and Facebook page for booking their services.


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