Checklist for a hospital bag to prepare for a hospital birth

By the time you are 35 weeks pregnant, you might want to keep your bags ready to be able to rush to hospital or birthing center at shortest notice. It is important to keep a list of what to pack to be delivery ready and keep the hospital bag prepared and at an easy to reach in your house, maybe even in your car.

You should ideally pack two hospital bags, one for yourself and another one for the new arrival. It is convenient to keep them separate instead of packing everything in a large case which will make it difficult to find anything when it is needed. The time of the year when you are going to deliver will also influence your packing.


Checklist for a hospital bag to prepare for a hospital birth


Keep a handy folder in your hospital bag to hold all your documents.

Document Folder

  • Your maternity/ hospital record file
  • Insurance card and papers (You may get this sorted beforehand if you are having a planned delivery on a set date)
  • Identity proof
  • Doctor’s number and Hospital number
  • Pen and a small diary


Mother’s Hospital Bag

These are my recommendations

  • Couple of Nightgowns or loose-fitting maxi dresses. Hospitals usually provide gowns for expectant mothers, but if you prefer to use your own you should have 2-3 in hand and then ask someone to get fresh, clean ones from home. Whatever you choose, they should be 100% cotton, loose and comfortable.
  • Toiletries

Checklist for a hospital bag to prepare for a hospital birth

Take a set of lotions, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, deodorant, vaseline, creams, etc even though hospital might provide some of these things, you still might want your own things.

  • One shawl or a warm sweater

Take a cardigan or front open sweater which is easy to wear and take off.

  • 2-3 pairs of socks if it is during a cold weather.
  • Hair bands or rubber bands to keep your hair together
  • Camera with charger, video camera to record your experience and your time with your newborn.

Mosquitoes are a big menace in India and many studies have revealed that pregnant women may be more attracted to mosquitoes – this is because we have heavy breath and exhale more carbon dioxide and mosquitoes sense this carbon dioxide and land on us and thus are at a higher risk of contracting diseases like malaria,  chikungunya or even dengue fever. These viruses are spread easily & unfortunately, if you contract an illness like malaria, it may also affect your baby.

So it is important to be protected at all times. You should use a 100% natural mosquito repellent which does not need to be applied on skin. One such example is Good knight Fabric Roll-On Mosquito Repellent. You only have to apply 4 dots of the repellent on your clothes for protection from mosquitoes. It also doesn’t stain, so you don’t need to worry about staining your clothes.

  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Wallet with some cash, credit cards, bank ATM cards etc. You could let your partner take care of these things.
  • Towels

If you are not comfortable using the ones provided by the hospital, you should carry one large towel, one hand towel and couple of face towels and get your partner to bring fresh ones from home whenever needed.

  • A pair of comfortable slippers
  • Some magazines or books to read
  • A nice dress to wear when you come home with baby

 Baby’s Hospital Bag

You will also need some stuff for baby after the baby is born. Although this bag can be brought by a family member after baby’s birth, you may want to arrange it beforehand so that it has everything you feel might be necessary.

  • 2-3 pairs of onesies or sleepsuits. Hospitals usually provide the first pair and then they expect you to provide others.
  • A going home dress or suit
  • Couple of swaddling blankets or quilts if weather is cold
  • Warm sweaters or hat if it is cold
  • A mosquito repellent – like mentioned above you can even use Good knight Fabric Roll-On babies – but till your baby is 2 months old instead of using it directly on their clothes apply it on their bed and prams.

Your hospital may or may not provide below. You may check and pack these to avoid last minute rush for your partner. 

  • Newborn Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby soap
  • Baby’s Towel

Once you have packed your bag, you can be rest assured that there will be no rush to gather things at the last moment, neither will there be the heartburn of not getting the exact thing that you want because others are not able to get it.


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