Step by step how to give Nasal Saline Drops to Babies

How to administer nasal saline drops to baby for unblocking a congested nose?

Step by step procedure to give saline drops to baby to clear congested nose.

What are Nasal Saline Drops?

Nasal saline  drops are salt and water solution that can be dropped in nose to relieve congestion. In case baby gets cold, mucous collects in baby’s nose and makes it difficult for baby to breathe.

Saline drops can be used on very young kids who are too young for decongestants.


How to give Nasal Saline Drops to Babies?

You need to be extra-careful when giving nasal saline drops to babies or for that matter any medicine. Follow below steps when you give nasal saline drops to your baby:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Make you baby lie on your lap while supporting with your secondary arm( left arm if you are right-handed and vice-versa). Ensure that the head is slight bent backwards.
  • Use a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to suck the mucus out of the nose.
  • Nasal saline drops for babies comes with a dropper with markings. You should take exact dosage as prescribed in the dropper. If your drops have a spout at the top and not the dropper, just play the medicine bottle in place of dropper.
  • Carefully place the dropper or tip of the saline drops, just inside baby’s nostril while trying not to touch it to the side of the nostril.
  • Gently squeeze the medicine into the nose.
  • Repeat the same procedure for second nostril too.
  • Let the baby remain in the same position for some time for medicine to flow.
  • Rinse the tip of the dropper with warm water and close the medicine bottle tightly.


Pros of Nasal Saline drops/ Spray

  • Easily available over the counter.
  • Inexpensive
  • relieves congestion in kids and elders.
  • Effect and provide relief instantly.
  • Non-medicated

Cons of Nasal Saline drops/ spray

  • May be uncomfortable for young kids
  • Effects are not long term and may require many insertions.

saline drops

In case you do not have saline drops available, it can also be made at home :

  • Boil 250 ml or 8 oz of water for 5-10 minutes to kill all impurities.
  • Add 1/2 tsp of non-iodised salt and dissolve completely.
  • Cool down and store in a clean bottle.
  • You can use it for up to 24 hours.



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