Lunchbox/ Dabba Recipes for School kids

As the baby grows into a toddler and then to a pre-schooler, lunchbox becomes a major focus. Coming up with something quick but healthy and still likeable is a challenge. This section will have such recipes which can be given to children in school and are easy to manage and appetizing.  


Star Paranthas for kids lunchbox


1 cup atta (wholewheat flour)

1 tsp oil

½ tsp cumin seeds/carom seeds (optional)

Oil to fry

Salt and water as required


Take the atta in deep bowl and make a well.

Add oil, salt and cumin seeds (if adding).

Add water to make a soft dough.

Keep it covered for about 30 minutes.

Take a good sized ball of dough and roll using some dry flour.

Now use star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out as many stars as you can get out of the rolled parantha.(You may use any of your child’s favourite shaped cookie cutter).

Heat a tawa and roast all the mini paranthas at the same time.

Once cooked a bit on one side, flip and apply some oil/ghee.

Flip again and oil the other side and cook till small golden spots appear.

Pack the paranthas in aluminium foil to keep them fresh and add some fruits for making it wholesome.

Your child will love the surprise in her lunchbox.


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