Clearing Baby’s Congested Nose using Nasal Aspirator

No parent like to see their little one suffer, but most babies suffer from cold at least a few times during the first year. A stuffy nose is specially irritating for the babies, as they do not know how to breathe from mouth and are too young to blow their nose. It can also interfere with nursing in newborn babies and can disturb their sleep too. Severe congestion can also lead to earache.

A nasal aspirator or bulb syringe and saline drops are used for clearing baby’s congested nose and must be a part of baby’s first-aid or medicine box. A good aspirator should have a soft rubber tip and should be transparent, so you can see what you are doing. Keep saline drops and clean nasal aspirator handy before you start :


How to use a Nasal Aspirator( Bulb syringe) to clear baby’s congested nose

  1. Ensure baby is rested and fed before you start. Do not try this if your baby is already in a bad mood.
  2. Sit or lie baby in a comfortable position. First time can be scary for baby, so ensure you are there to comfort her.
  3. If baby’s nostrils are dry, squirt a few drops of nasal saline drops in baby’s nostrils. Do not put too much as that can irritate your baby or could even go into throat. Wait for a few minutes, so that nostrils get hydrated.
  4. Press the bulb of aspirator to squeeze out all air.
  5. Gently insert the tip of aspirator into baby’s nostril. Do not insert too deep.
  6. Release the bulb on the aspirator slowly to suck the mucous out of nostril.
  7. Clean the syringe by wiping the mucous on to a paper towel and washing with water.
  8. Repeat again for the other nostril.
  9. Clean the nasal aspirator using warm soapy water after use and rinse finally using clean warm water.


Using a snotsucker nasal aspirator for cleaning baby’s congested nose

Clearing baby's congested nose

Using the nasal aspirator too often can irritate baby’s sensitive nasal membrane. Use only if nose is very congested. To relieve congestion you can also make baby use vaporizer.

You can also use some home remedies for cold.


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