Jaggery Parantha

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Gur/ Jaggery Parantha

Gur Parantha

Winters mean craving for comfort food and this recipe is just that. Gur or jaggery is very good for winters and keeps body naturally warm. Ghee and gur have been advised in Ayurveda for their benefits and is very good for children in small quantities.



Wholewheat dough/ Atta

1 tsp grated jaggery/gur (good quality)

1 tsp ghee

Dry flour to dust


Roll a golf ball sized ball of dough to about 4 inches diameter.

Spread ghee using a soon.

Pour grated gur in the center and join the sides to make a ball again, just like you do for any other stuffed parantha.

Now roll the parantha using the dry flour, taking care that it does not get torn.

Heat a tawa or skillet and put the parantha to cook.

Once roasted on side, flip and apply ghee.

Roast for about a minute and flip again and apply ghee on other side too.


This parantha is not only delicious but very good for your child too, especially during winter season.


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  1. Ekta says:

    Thnx for such nice recipes which r nutritious n easy to make. Thnx a lot.

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    Really very good n innovative way to give children a healthy food

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    Very easy recepies… Thanks a lot. And thankyou that we find your such an useful website.

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    Great healthy innovative food ideas for babies. I am sure my son is going to love . Thanks for sharing.


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